CallCabinet enhances it’s call recording solution for Asterisk - Call Recording

CallCabinet enhances it’s call recording solution for Asterisk

CallCabinet Corporation launched an update to its cloud-based, multi-tenant, compliant call recording solution for Digium’s Asterisk open source communications framework at ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last week.

With thousands of businesses reliant on the flexibility of Asterisk for their telephony requirements, the latest update to CallCabinet’s multiple award-winning Atmos call recording solution ensures that Asterisk users can easily and cost-effectively meet the globally required standards of call recording compliance, security and management.

According to CallCabinet CEO Ryan Kahan, market adoption of Atmos has been exponential, with millions of calls recorded and stored in the cloud using the Atmos solution every month.

“This is a clear indication of the trust businesses have in the Atmos solution and our commitment to ensuring our technology remains at the cutting edge of market developments,” Kahan said.

“CallCabinet’s solutions have always been able to integrate with Asterisk systems because we recognize that Asterisk is fundamental to so many hosted and on-premise telephony systems. Atmos 2.0 for Asterisk, introduces an innovative method of managing the complexities of a multi-tenant call recorder to ensure continuity, consistency and system agility. This enhancement allows us to deliver compliant call recording to businesses that already take full advantage of the ease of use and cost-effectiveness of any Asterisk-based solution.”

Atmos 2.0 for Asterisk takes Asterisk recordings, encrypts and uploads them and all call-related data to the cloud where they are securely stored. Management of call recordings is easy and intuitive via the Atmos interface. “With this upgrade, we have effectively removed the compliance, storage, access and management challenges of native Asterisk recordings, enabling businesses to add a necessary and powerful feature to their telephony system for a low monthly fee,” Kahan concludes.