CallCabinet is Metaswitch Certified - Call Recording

CallCabinet is Metaswitch Certified

Atmos Metaswitch Integration is Official

We’re excited to announce that CallCabinet Atmos is Metaswitch certified which greatly strengthens our partnership with Metaswitch. Our interoperability testing with the Metaswitch platform was a complete success. Carriers, service providers, and end-customers using Metaswitch’s virtualized networks can take full advantage of Atmos’ rich feature-list. Metaswitch certification brings customers an easily scaled, secure call recording SaaS. 

Metaswitch customers will enjoy a seamless, rapidly deployed Cloud-based integration. Atmos is a carrier-grade solution that includes a host of management functions for service providers. From customer provisioning to billing and white-labeling. Metaswitch users will easily deploy new accounts and revenue streams. We’ve always set a bar for best-of-breed QA and analytics, and we’re excited that Metaswitch users can fully implement our features affordably. 

Recording Metaswitch Easily, Affordably

Atmos records Metaswitch calls via SIPREC and can be rapidly deployed, even across multi-tenant networks.  As with other Atmos deployments, supervisors can add optional features like agent scoring, QA, and analytics to their Atmos subscription. Our CEO Ryan Kahan said “Getting CallCabinet Metaswitch certified opens up a broad field of opportunity for carriers and service providers seeking to offer enterprise-level compliance recording to their customers. From the beginning, CallCabinet’s goal has been to deliver the highest level of customer experience and open new revenue streams for our Metaswitch partners.”

Microsoft, Metaswitch, and CallCabinet

As UCToday noted this May, Microsoft announced its acquisition of Metaswitch. CallCabinet recently announced our Atmos integration with Microsoft Teams, so we’re excited to see Microsoft greatly increasing its offerings to the Cloud and Telecom markets. As the “new normal” of a remote workforce continues to spread, reliance on the Cloud for communication is expanding by the day. We’re pushing every day to fuel innovation in the Microsoft ecosystem by delivering call recording, analytics, and security through native platform integration.

Click here to read the Metaswitch certification press release.

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