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Compliance Call Recording for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Team
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Atmos integrates directly with Microsoft Teams to bring award-winning compliance call recording, quality assurance, agent evaluation, and AI analytics to enterprises of any scale.


Atmos integrates into your Microsoft Teams environment and delivers compliance call recording by securely capturing Microsoft Teams’ communications including web, desktop (Windows and Mac), mobile applications (iOS and Android), and desktop phones.

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Record Your Microsoft Teams Conversations

There’s finally an easy path to call recording, QA, and Analytics for Microsoft Teams: CallCabinet Atmos. From SMB to enterprise, organizations of all sizes collaborate using Microsoft Teams, and Atmos equips them all for compliance and security with its scalable, Microsoft Azure-based Call Recording as a Service.

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Simple, Rapid Deployment Into Your Network

Atmos securely captures and records all inbound, outbound, Direct Routing, and internal Microsoft Teams communication directly within your Teams account. Atmos is deployed in hours and does not require additional on-device software or on-premise hardware. Atmos eliminates potential points of failure, as well as the installation and maintenance costs of outdated hardware solutions.

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Integration On-site, Off-site, Anywhere

Atmos easily integrates into your Microsoft Teams environment to support any hosting configuration including on-premise, carrier-hosted, and even Microsoft-hosted Cloud PBX deployments.

How Do You Use Microsoft Teams?


I Use Softphones

The Atmos desktop client collects inbound, outbound and internal calls directly from the Teams-enabled device as it runs silently in the background

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I Use Soft / Desktop Phones

Softphones are captured by the Atmos desktop client. Inbound and outbound (direct routing) calls on desktop phones are collected via SIPrec from your Session Border Controller (SBC).

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What makes Atmos’ solution unique for Microsoft Teams users?

  • Atmos is the only Azure-based, Cloud-native compliance call recording technology directly integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Our Microsoft Teams integration does not require additional on-device software or on-premise hardware
  • Your data is securely stored in the Atmos Cloud Network to provide a seamless Microsoft Teams integration
  • Atmos is offered as an easily scalable subscription-based (SaaS) model with highly flexible terms

Call Recording, Quality Assurance, AI-Driven Analytics and More

Your workforce collaborates constantly through Microsoft Teams, but simply capturing the conversations isn’t enough to optimize the performance of your personnel. Atmos also delivers best-of-breed quality assurance tools, with speech-to-text transcription, speaker identification, and AI-driven analytics. Atmos is designed to make call compliance and QA easy and effective for any industry.

Atmos for Microsoft Teams Benefits

Atmos for Microsoft Teams supports any hosting configuration
Microsoft Azure-based Call Recording as a Service
Fully customizable reporting and analytics
Unlimited throughput over a single connection
Eliminates hardware maintenance costs
Keyword and Key Phrase detection
AI-driven voice analytics for sentiment, emotion and content analysis
Compliance call recording meets GDPR, MiFIDII, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank & many other compliance regulations
Atmos is hosted across 40+ global data centers, ensuring compliance with data sovereignty regulations
Automatic or manual PCI redaction