Future Focused - Call Recording

What our new Atmos upgrade says about the future of call recording

When our customers record a call, they’re really making an investment in their future. Perhaps the call will be used for staffing and training purposes, or maybe it will stand as a record of what was or was not discussed during a sales call. The very nature of recording is inevitably future-focused.

So are we at CallCabinet.

In a market traditionally dominated by on-site installations of expensive and cumbersome call recording appliances, we looked to the future and recognized the immense cost and security benefit of creating a cloud-based recording solution. The result was Atmos, which sparked a revolution in the industry, and instantly made CallCabinet an industry leader in innovative solutions.

To anyone familiar with the call recording industry, it’s been clear since Atmos first launched that the future lay in cloud-based solutions. Not only are cloud-based systems less expensive to implement, but they are inherently more secure because the storage is off-site and decentralized. Thus, cloud-based systems like Atmos can be used by businesses with multiple call center locations, and by enterprises of all sizes.

So, when we recently announced our biggest upgrade ever to the Atmos platform, the industry understandably took notice. Would it bring further innovation to the world of cloud-based recording? The answer is not as apparent as one might anticipate.

On the surface, the Atmos upgrade provides a more efficiently streamlined interface, allowing more functionality on screen and less scrolling. And because CallCabinet understands that any system downtime can negatively impact our customers, we took great pains to keep everything in relatively the same place, so that there would be no need for a learning curve.

The upgrade also offers improved call search and management, as well as better dashboards for both users and our channel partners. Partners can now manage licensing directly within their own “Partner View” interface.

But what the Atmos upgrade is REALLY all about is the future.

Under the sleek new interface is a completely new modular system architecture that has been rebuilt from the ground up to allow CallCabinet to introduce new and innovative features in the future. This opens the door to a wealth of new innovation certain to keep Atmos at the sheer, leading edge of the industry indefinitely.

Imagine being able to add video recording capabilities that capture activity on screen to ensure that proper protocols are being followed, or to record chat sessions with your customers within the same platform you use to record calls. Consider how your enterprise could benefit from text-to-speech analytics, allowing you to spot important keywords with ease, or from A.I.-powered sentiment analysis that intelligently parses the tone of recorded calls and automatically alerts you to those that require your attention. These are just some of the proposed features CallCabinet is currently developing for our new Atmos platform.

Of course, not all of our customers will need all of these features, so having the new modular architecture in place means that not only can businesses add features on the fly, but they can keep their interface minimal by only adding the functionality that they desire. This allows Atmos to become as robust or streamlined as you need it to be and lets you maximize the time and cost savings it provides for your enterprise.

So while the new Atmos upgrade may not at first appear to be the kind of innovative platform you expect from the leader in cloud-based call recording, don’t be fooled.

You’re actually looking at the future of the call recording industry.