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Atmos User Interface Change Log

Change log 2017-09-06

-Added a new QC Dashboard page
-Improved performance of Call Sharing interface

Call Listing
-Fixed issues with Filter states persisting when returning from Call Details
-If call is invalid because of length a friendlier message will now be displayed
-Fixed issue with Faxes not properly displaying
-Fixed issue with Call Notes not editing / deleting properly
-Added wildcard filtering to Extension and Agent filters (use *)

Call Details
-Added Inline view for screenshots

-Added a checkbox to determine whether to send completed QC email at time of QC Completion
-Added ability to select QC E-Mail default settings per agent
-When sending Completed QC E-Mail the reply-to address will now be set to the supervisor’s address

-Added Last Week as a predefined interval on report creation

-On Group interface if showing an agent with an empty first and last name will now show email address instead
-Various fixes for Internet Explorer
-Fixed validation on Extensions
-On Agent listing added ability to filter by Group name

-Added REST Wrapper to CustomerInformationService
-Added an API to get a Call Share link or send Call Share email

Partner View
-Added ability to register a customer from partner view

Change Log 2017-07-24

Call Playback
-Significant changes to the audio player
-Fixed issues with downloading certain calls
-It is now possible to change pages and filters while a call is playing on the Call Listing

-Fixed minor visual issues on QC View
-Minor visual fixes to Share call interface
-Scores now show in Completed QC listing

-Fixed printing text data on some reports
-Fixed chart scaling issues on some reports
-Agent listing is now alphabetical

-Extension reassign can now be used on existing extensions

-Minor visual fixes in Note Added email
-Minor issues fixed on Call Listing and Call Details pages
-Localization (multi-language) support released

-BroadWorks Provider ID added to the sites listing in PartnerView
-BroadWorks Provider ID added to Registration page and registration API
-Added uniquness verification to BroadWorks Provider ID and Group ID
-Fixed issue with BroadWorks mapping for deleted customers/sites
-Fixed issues with deletion of support users

Change Log 2017-06-28

-Improvements to playback on certain call types
-On Agent Import if an agent with the same name, email, and windows username already exists a new one is not created
-Phone number is no longer a required field for Users
-Fixed Reporting bug with Reverse Axes and Averages
-Removed back button on Shared QC interface
-Fixed problem with certain percentages not showing correctly for completed QCs
-Fixed bug on Resend Activation Email

Change Log 2017-06-13

-Fixed save button on Add Extension interface
-Fixed issues with a large amount of agents added to a Group
-Added option for sending Weekly Email
-Email is no longer a required field for agents
-Minor fixes to Agent listing interface
-Bulk Agent Import functionality added

-Added ability to add notes to shared call without seeing existing notes
-Added more options to the Share setting in the Settings interface
-Minor fixes to interface
-Added ability to Share QC similarly to how a call is shared
-Added ability to have emails to agents on completion of a QC to be sent to them as a Shared QC instead of PDF

Call Details
-Optimized Access Log read speed
-Fixed screenshot alignment issue for calls with incorrect duration
-Significantly change QC View interface
-Minor fixes to interface

Call Listing
-Users can now download up to 500 calls (note that this takes a while to process, ~ 10min for 500 calls, each call needs to be decrypted, transcoded, and added to the zip)

-If a user selects a value from the predefined date ranges the interface automatically moves forward now
-Added By Group option to Call Volume Reports
-Now hiding Pie Chart option for reports it doesn’t make sense for
-Scroll wheel will no longer zoom chart
-Added ability to report on Unassigned Calls (Calls not assigned to an Agent)
-Minor fixes to interface and function
-New Report: Answers Report – how many times an answer has been selected
-New Report: Question Fail Report – what percentage of the time did a question attain zero points over time

Partner View
-Added setting for Send Weekly Email to customer details
-Change BroadWorks Group ID setting to be per Site rather than Per Customer
-Minor improvements to Customer Details Functionality

-Minor fixes to Client Heartbeats filtering
-A sample QC Template/Form will be added to new customers
-Added a Support User Role, equivalent to a Super Admin except that it cannot access calls, this can be added from Admin Report and Partner View
-Significantly changed visual style of You Have Been Evaluated email


Change Log 2017-05-16

-Sharing interface adjusted
-Representation of Sharing related customer logs improved
-Separate setting for sharing General notes
-Shared call can now give the ability to add a note but not view existing notes

Call Details
-Minor fixes to notes
-Fixed alignment issue of screenshot icons on some calls

-“Month to date” changed to “This Month to Date”
-Selecting a predefined date range will now automatically advance to the next panel
-Added Atmos logo to printed reports

-Fixed bug with Save button on Extensions
-Fixed bug causing a limitation of amount of users that could be added to a group

-Delete button on Admin Report fixed

-Newly registered accounts now have Send Weekly Email default to true

-Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements


2017-05-10 Change Log

Call Details Page
-Added call sharing ability
-Added option to allow enlarged screenshots to automatically advance
-Added nominal score to completed QC PDF (including those automatically emailed to agent)
-Improved performance of Access Log loading on Call Details
-When emailing a call or QC more than one email address can be used separated by a semi colon (;)

Call Listing Page
-Improve duration filter to be more clear that it is in minutes
-“Show Ref” setting is now saved as a cookie and will persist across sessions.

-Added new method of assigning extensions to agents, same way that groups are assigned, old system still in place for now
-Minor fixes to Settings interface
-Settings interface now has Share settings
-Added ability to retroactively assign agents to extensions

-Change text data on Question Report to show Per Question
-Charts now have headings
-Charts now have vertical and horizontal lines
-Fixed bugs that cause chart to not print properly
-Moved chart legend to the top
-Text data in reports is now chronological within the groups
-Text data in reports will now automatically load if it isn’t very large
-Added Supervisor per Day count report
-Minor fixes and improvements to report generation interface
-Removed stacked bars from some reports for clarity
-Minor fixes and improvements to reports interface
-Call ID in text data is now a hyperlink that opens call details in a new tab
-Call ID in text data now has a copy icon
-Added ability to exclude empty values from reports

Partner View
-Added Customer details panel to Partner View
-Added ability to change Customer Name and URL from Admin Report and Partner View

-Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements

2017-04-11 Change Log

-Added Group to Assigned To section in Call Details
-Added TF/SF annotation to QC PDFs
-Slightly enlarged question blocks (30px taller)
-Fixed spacing issue of Groups column on Call Listing at certain widths
-Fix to persisting player pause/play state when changing play position
-Fixed Group filtering on Call Listing
-Fix for screenshot issue when repeatedly playing a call
-Fixed minor style issues
-Fixed minor issue on Call Volume reports
-Fixed call links in Customer Log
-Fixed minor issues with QC PDF export
-Customer Details on Admin Report now de-cluttered into multiple tabs
-Additional settings on Customer Details on Admin Report
-Added visual feedback when settings changed in Customer Details on Admin Report
-Minor improvements to Billing interface in Admin section
-On Distributor edit interface added setting to Auto Generate API Key
-Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements

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