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Atmos User and QC security permissions

The following User Roles and permissions exist in Atmos:

User Roles:

Restricted User – This User type has the ability to login to Atmos and search \ playback calls associated with specific Agents, Groups and Sites. By default this user type has no access to any calls.
Support User – This User type is specifically for support purposes and should not be used in normal operation.
Standard User – A Standard User has full access to playback and search through all Calls, but has no access to the Admin pages.
Admin – A Admin user has full access to the entire Atmos application with the exception of the Company Information and billing pages.
Super Admin –A Super Admin User has full access to the entire application and all calls.

QC Roles:

QC Supervisor – This user type has access to the QC section of the Call Listing page, they are able to score and view all QC related functions as the relate to the specific call.
QC Analyst – This user type has the same access as the QC supervisor with the addition of creating and running reports.
QC Admin – This user type has the same access as the QC Analyst with the addition of being able to make changes to the QC templates.