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Bicom Call Recording

Please use the following instructions to integrate your Bicom solution with CallCabinet.

– Request a specially-patched version of the Bicom PBXWare, which includes the MIXMON_POST variable in the call to MixMonitor()

– Download CallCabinet scripts and programs from here

– Add to extensions.conf (via the Bicom PBXWare portal under Settings – Conf files) under the [globals] section (all on one line):

MIXMON_POST=/var/lib/asterisk/ ^{CDR(src)} ^{CDR(dst)}^{CDR(dcontext)} \”^{CDR(start)}\” ^{CDR(uniqueid)} ^{MIXMONITOR_FILENAME}/home/callcabinet/recordings

– Place the CallCabinet script under

– Create the directory /opt/pbxware/pw/home/callcabinet/ and a
subdirectory recordings/ and set both owned by UID=555, GID=555

– Place the 32-bit CallCabinet binary into
/opt/pbxware/pw/home/callcabinet/ and make it executable

– Run the binary; it will create a default configuration file CCconfig.txt and then terminate

– ./32bit20170210 >a.out
– Edit the CCconfig.txt configuration file:
– Set the SiteID and CustomerID to the values from your CallCabinet account (enclosed by < >)
– Set the Repository to </opt/pbxware/pw/home/callcabinet/recordings/>
– Ensure that Treesupport is set to <yes>
– Run the binary again, this time in the background:
– nohup ./32bit20170210 >a.out &
– The service should now be running and recordings will be uploaded to CallCabinet

Note that Bicom PBXWare must be set to create recordings using MixMonitor() and not just Monitor(), and of course you must have recordings turned on for the calls you wish to have uploaded!

Note that there are additional steps needed to start the service automatically when the server is rebooted:

– Download the init script for CallCabinet and place it in /etc/init.d/ccinitd on the PBXWare server
– Ensure that the script is executable:
– chmod +x /etc/init.d/ccinitd
– Add the script to the system boot sequence:
– update-rc.d ccinitd defaults

Please contact CallCabinet support if you have any questions or queries.

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