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CallCabinet User Interface Change Log

Change Log – 2022-03-07

Menu Item / Section: Quality Control/Quality Assurance (4059)

Function: Naming Convention Change

Change/Feature Description: All QC or references to QC have been updated to QA; Quality Assurance is the standard term utilized throughout CallCabinet.

Menu Item / Section: Call Listings>Time Zone Drop-Downs (4067)

Function: Changing the display Time Zone in CallCabinet

Change/Feature Description: The Time Zone options now reflect +1 GMT instead of 1 GMT.

Menu Item / Section: Registration Page>Terms and Conditions (4070)

Function: Legal Requirement

Change/Feature Description: The “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” links have been updated on the CallCabinet Registration Page.

Menu Item / Section: Reporting>Date Range Drop Down (4074)

Function: Selecting a date range in reporting

Change/Feature Description: There is now an additional date range item: “Yesterday”. Now users can pull reports based on a date range of “Yesterday” in addition to the original options of: “All dates”, “Custom”, “Today”, “Last week”, “This week”, “This Month”, “Last Month”, “This month to date”, “This year”, “This year to date”, “Last year”.

Menu Item / Section: Call Details>Compliant Call Share (4058)

Function: Compliant call sharing

Change/Feature Description: Now, users can compliantly share a call with multiple email addresses by separating the email addresses with a semi-colon.

Menu Item / Section: Call Details>Download Part (4068)

Function: Download portion of a call

Change/Feature Description: When downloading the portion of a call from the Call Details Page, a timestamp is shown over the start and endpoints of the selection. **Please note, if you are in a heavily regulated industry, please consult with your compliance offer or legal team before utilizing the call download function.**

Menu Item / Section: Partner View>Request Access (4090)

Function: Requesting access to a clients account

Change/Feature Description: When a request access is made, it triggers an email to the Customer email and not the Admins or Super Admins on the account.

Menu Item / Section: Call Listings>Columns (4082)

Function: Additional field added: Supervisor

Change/Feature Description: Users can now filter by Supervisor when filtering for calls on the Call Listings Page.

Menu Item / Section: Call Listings>Filters (4065)

Function: Added a “Reset Filters” button

Change/Feature Description: Users can now reset filters back to the default view by clicking on “Reset Filters” when filtering on the Call Listings Page.

Menu Item / Section: Agent Management> Bulk Checkbox (4085)

Function: Added a bulk/select multiple checkbox

Change/Feature Description: When managing Agents who are being recorded, CallCabinet users can now select multiple agents and perform a bulk delete or bulk export to Excel.

Menu Item / Section: New Customer Accounts (4071)

Function: A demo call is automatically added to a new account

Change/Feature Description: When a new customer has been provisioned, a demo call will automatically be added to the customer’s account. The demo call will display on the Call Listings Page.

Menu Item / Section: Quality Assurance + Security Log (4099)

Function: When a completed QA evaluation is edited

Change/Feature Description: When an evaluation that has been completed and submitted is then edited, a record of that edit is recorded in the Security Log.

Menu Item / Section: Quality Assurance + Security Log (4170/4187)

Function: “My Time Zone” Drop-Down

Change/Feature Description: Users can now change the Time Zone on the Security Log page and the QA Dashboard Page. The drop-down now appears in the top right-hand corner (TRHC) on both pages.

Menu Item / Section: CallCabinet Management>Admin Report>Customer Settings (4164)

Function: The Client Reference Field can now be renamed

Change/Feature Description: The Client Reference Field can now be renamed the same way you would rename the Additional Fields in the Admin Report.

Menu Item / Section: CallCabinet Management>Audit Log (4174)

Function: There is now a Customer Name column on the Audit Log Page

Change/Feature Description: Support Team Members can now search/filter the Audit Log by Customer Name.

Menu Item / Section: Call Listings>Filters (4079)

Function: Saved Filters now applied automatically

Change/Feature Description: Users can now apply Saved filters at the click of a button instead of having to also click “Apply”.

Menu Item / Section: Main Menu in CallCabinet on the Left-Hand Side (LHS) (4144)

Function: Main Menu updated

Change/Feature Description: LHS Main Menu has been re-ordered, and some naming conventions have been changed.

Video Overview:

Development Reference Numbers: Not Applicable

Menu Item / Section: Call Listing>Bulk Download

Function: Small download window opens

Change/Feature Description: The “Download” feature now opens a small window where the downloads will display; this allows the user to navigate on the Call Listings Page while the downloads continue.

Development Reference Numbers: Not Applicable

Menu Item / Section: Call Details>MS Teams Recording

Function: The design and layout of the Call Details Page has been updated

Change/Feature Description: The Call Details Page design has been enhanced to fully support Microsoft Teams audio, video and screen share recording and replay.

Video Overview:

Change Log – 2021-11-15

Menu Item / Section: General Settings (4005)

Function: Change Date Format

Change/Feature Description: When a user changes the date format, the new format is now applied throughout CallCabinet. Please note: that a user must log out of CallCabinet and then log in to CallCabinet for the date format changes to be reflected within the platform.

Video Overview:


Menu Item / Section: Partner View >Users>Request Access (3826)

Function: Request Access to a Customer’s Account

Change/Feature Description: When a support user needs to access a client’s account, they can “Request Access”. The CallCabinet system will send emails to all Super Admins associated with the client’s account, and the Super Admins will be able to grant access. Please note: This functionality is will only be available to channel partners and resellers. This is an added level of security for the client (direct end-user).

Video Overview:


Menu Item / Section: Settings>Users>SSO Check Box (3845/3662)

Function: Enable or Disable SSO (Single Sign-On)

Change/Feature Description: This check box allows a Super Admin to enable or disable SSO (Single Sign-On).

Video Overview:


Menu Item / Section: Compliant Call Share Email (3844)

Function: Security email sent for Compliant Call Sharing

Change/Feature Description: Once the recipient clicks on the link to listen to the shared call, this triggers a second email containing a password that the recipient has to enter before they can access/listen to the shared call. Please note: this is an added layer of security.

Video Overview:


Menu Item / Section: Call Listing Page (3822)

Function: Bulk Legal Hold

Change/Feature Description: Users can now apply a legal hold to multiple (bulk) calls on the “Call Listing” page. Users cannot remove this bulk function in the same manner; the user will need to go into each individual call to disable legal hold.

Video Overview:


Menu Item / Section: Call Listing Page (3799)

Function: Filter by Sentiment/View Sentiment

Change/Feature Description: The sentiments have been updated to: Positive, Improving, Worsening, and Negative.

Video Overview:


Menu Item / Section: Settings>General>Select Download Format (3997)

Function: Change the file format for Call Downloads

Change/Feature Description: CallCabinet has added additional file formats for downloading calls. PSM WAV, GSM WAV (Original Format), or MP3 format options are now available for call downloads.

Video Overview:


Change Log – 2021-03-15

– Added Restricted Role-Based Access (3824, 3700)
– Added ability to add a custom note to an email sent to Agent when QC completed (3648)
– Added the ability to pop out Screenshots/Video to separate window (3562)
– Added Visual restyle QC Evaluation in Vertical Mode (3585)
– The Audit Log section has been added in the CallCabinet management drop-down menu (3737)
– Added ability to tag a call with a user-definable tag which will allow enhanced and convenient search capability (3647)
– Added Edit Pencil to each Filter option on Call Listing page (3802)
– Added method for clearing localization Cache. Make it for SystemAdmins only (3942)

– Improved performance of call listing section on PC’s (3734)
– SSO authentication should not send an email or prompt user to change the password
– Log filter CallListing query durations have been changed (3727)
– The special type column in the call listing section should be displayed when there are no calls in the list with the special type (3895)
– Added several Call Filter Improvements (3925, 3817)
– Customer Log Data Filter Type doesn’t match the Log Type name in Column (3748)
– Existing transcribed data associated with a call within the Call Details page is no longer visible if Transcription for a user is disabled (3797)
– Adding a note via the CallCabinet desktop client doesn’t get reflected in the record within the CallListing page (3810)
– QC form editing features become inoperable when a question/element is removed (3818)
– The left side menu overlaps the evaluation form in the Quality Control section (3837)
– The left scrolling button name in the chart report graph is displayed as right instead of left after hovering the mouse on it (3839)
– The add answer button has no functionality after removing and returning the question in the Quality Control evaluation form (3851)
– The copy to clipboard message is missing after clicking on the Copy customer id button in the admin report section (3856)
– The sections of questions are duplicates under certain steps in the Quality Control evaluation form (3854)
– The add answer button is displayed as a placeholder after undoing deleted questions in the QC evaluation form.
– The last contact column filter works corrupted upon filtering by a column in the Heartbeats section (3875)
– If the Сustomer that was registered with Caps in their URL but couldn’t update the General Settings because the caps was failing validation (3879)
– Changing email on General Settings doesn’t update it on Admin Report (3878)
– Fixed “You don’t have permission to add users” message appears when adding users from Partner View (3877)
– Fixed Changing distributor doesn’t add an entry to Customer Log, when changing it on admin report (3882)
– The refresh list button becomes inactive after exporting the log list in excel (3880)
– The add self as a support user button is present instead of the remove after reactivating deleted support user status in the partner view section (3884)
– The call duration near the audio player spill out of its designed area after opening left navigation menu in the call details section (3885)
– The other GMT values don’t fit the screen after changing the time zone to GMT – 0 and opening the dropdown menu again in the call listing section (3923)
– The deleted evaluation forms are still present in the Report page when creating evaluation scores report (3938)

– Added ability to apply the logo to emails sent from CallCabinet and ability to apply the logo to the upper left corner of CallCabinet pages including Analytics page (3696)
– Added ability to add Demo call from Admin Report/PartnerView (3593)

Change Log – 2020-11-06

– By default, the previous or next question while performing a QC evaluation are greyed out to highlight the focus on the active question. Now, Under General Settings, the Admin can enable / disable the option to “configure grey out of QC questions”. Default is unchecked or greyed out.
– The Filter option on the Call Listing page now includes an Apply button which will run the filter. The Filter options added will not take effect until the Apply button is clicked.
– Under Settings / Extensions, changed column name “Enabled” to “Recording Enabled”.
– Under Settings / Extensions, added a new column “Transcription Enabled”.
– From QC Dashboard page, user can right mouse click on “View Details” icon and select option to open in new tab the previously completed QC evaluation
– Added ability for Super Admin role to restore a user account that may have been accidentally deleted. Select “Show deleted Users” from the bottom of the user table. Then find the deleted user in the list and click the Reactivate button to enable the account. The re-enabled user will receive an email to activate their account.
– Added “Access is for authorized users only” to the CallCabinet login landing page.

– Resolved Word Wrap issue with name of Supervisor when assigning the Supervisor to an Agent.
– Fixed issue with properly displaying checkbox to send QC results to Supervisor
– On the QC Dashboard page, column filter applied to previously completed QC evaluations is maintained even after opening previously completed evaluation and then using Back button to return to QC Dashboard page.
– Using the FireFox browser a user can now highlight the proper section of the call prior to downloading the highlighted section.
– Displaying agents for specific companies fixed
– Report problem with call link removed from the call listing tab

– Added ability to add logo to emails and top left corner of each page within CallCabinet except for the Analytics page.
– Under Partner Settings then Settings, the primary Partner account Email and Support URL are configurable
– Ability to Add User in Partner settings under Manage Users tab.

Change Log – 2020-09-12

– In the Call Listing page, users can now Save a filter. Search/Filter the displayed list of calls by Date Range, Number, User, etc… and then click the “Save Filter” button and apply a name to the Filter. To reuse at a later date, Click “Add Filter”, then select the Save Filter option to easily recall past saved filters.
– Partners can now Edit the columns visible in Partner View.
– Partners can now contact CallCabinet to have their Support URL added to their account. A Partner’s end customer will then reach the Partner’s support team for first-line support.
– Now you can add the Supervisor column to Call Listing.
– The option to “Email Agent on Eval” under Settings\General has been simplified to enhance the usability of the feature.
– The search option under the company name list box in the CallCabinet top banner will only appear when there are more than 5 Companies linked to the user logging into CallCabinet.
– Enhanced Tooltips that appear on various icons to assist the user within QC Dashboard page.
– Added User Menu to the top right of the page after login to CallCabinet.
– Users will see their name and email,
– Language selection,
– Access to CallCabinet User Guide,
– Link to Support,
– And, options to Reset their Password and Sign-out
– Improved failure description on CallCabinet Registration API.
– Removed the “Report Problem with call” option on the Call Details page.
– The “Regular Supervisor” role name changed to “Advanced User”.
– “Need Help Searching” link to training video added to assist users with learning to use advanced filtering options.

– Resolved flashing of CallCabinet page while loading.
– Ensured consistency of all Icons across the CallCabinet application pages.
– Added additional validation checks to ensure customer details are properly entered when CallCabinet accounts are created.
– Updated Filter for default Custom Date/Time range. The time will now range for the complete 24hrs.

Change Log – 2020-06-08

– Added new Advanced Filtering allows for a quicker and more efficient way to isolate and review calls within CallCabinet’s from the Call Listing’s page. The update includes a new training video to assist users to understand how to take advantage of the Advanced Filtering capabilities.
– Added new Custom Date/Time filtering option.
– Added “Yesterday” option to the Filtering option menu.
– Added Enhanced Filter by Number option with convenient “operator” options to quickly find calls.
– Added linked calls functionality
– Added support to remember previously selected calls when switching between Call Listing and Call Details.
– Added Add Auto Save feature when performing a QC evaluation to prevent lost data if evaluation is not complete
– Added Running QC score for agent now visible (Must be enabled by your Distributor / Partner) while performing a QC evaluation.
– Added support for Microsoft O365 logins.

– Calls should no longer Autoplay in Call Details.
– Addressed an issue where playback of a call may stop before end of call.
– Fixed display of calling party information with the Speech to Text interface.
– Fixed option to set 180 days retention period using the IE browser.
– Resizing of the browser window will no longer affect displayed text on page.
– Addressed an issue where calls played were not logged in the Customer Log.
– Fixed PCI Compliance displaying incorrectly on some calls.

– Partners now have access to Partner Settings and can now manage the Users, Partner Audit Change Log, Partner Pricing, and Branding settings.
– All changes by the Partner for the management of the End Customer’s settings will be logged in the “Partner Logs” similar to “Customer Logs”.
– Pricing – Added option for Partner to specify their own custom pricing (this is not yet displayed, will form part of future updates).
– Branding – Added option for Partner to add their own custom logos.

Change Log – 2020-03-27

– Added the ability to expand the player on the Call Listing tab.
– Added the option to apply analytics to all new extensions.
– Added a button to apply analytics to all current extensions for the site.
– Call Listing now loading 1 week as default, instead of 1 month.
– Extension filter on the call listing tab now searches for the extension name on all sites.
– Now you can go back to all if filtered to approaching limit or above on the Partner View tab.
– Sites drop-down added to the usage information box on the Home Page (by default it displays the site with the highest percentage usage).
– Lock icon added on the company selection tab if IP restrictions are in place.
– If the Call Details page is accessed without an appropriate license it now shows a message instead of just redirecting to the call listing tab.
– Added displaying which calls have the screen recording \ screenshots on Call Listing tab.
– Added logs for several settings change on the Customer Logs tab, such as:
– General company settings.
– Restricted user update.
– Reassigning calls on agents tab.
– Reassigning calls on the extension tab.
– QC Randomizer settings change.
– Site adding on the Admin Report tab.
– Company settings on the Admin Report tab.
– License settings on the Admin Report tab.
– Notes adding on the Admin Report tab.
– Customer settings on the Admin Report tab.
– Plan changes on the Admin Report tab.
– Plans adding \ changing on the CallCabinet Billing tab.
– Actions on the Heartbeats tab of CallCabinet Management.
– Editing customers on the Customer Monitoring tab.
– Actions on the Request log tab.
– Log requesting on the Remote Diagnostics tab.
– Editing on the Site Monitoring tab.
– Adding and Editing actions on the Billing Report tab.
– Updating customers client versions on the Update tab of CallCabinet Management.
– Actions on the Partner View tab.

– Intermittent Reset password problems resolved.
– Displaying Send Agent checkbox with NoEmail option for EmailAgentOnEval setting.
– Fixed ability to set additional customer settings for customers without it.
– On Completed QC the checkmark and X no longer display as clickable.
– Security Password Change now closes after clicking on the reset password button.

Change Log – 2020-02-11

– Added ability to choose columns on pages that have grids.
– Grades changed to whole numbers on the evaluations sheet.
– Indication when section\ question note has been added on QC forms.
– Fax fields eliminated.
– Basic User (Supervisor) License added.
– Distributors have the option of being able to add users to customer accounts.
– Ability to save partially completed QC forms.
– Added percentage display while doing a QC evaluation.
– When Restricted users filter by extension\agents it is now displaying only the ones they have access to.
– Added Unlimited to call share time option.
– On the QC Dashboard when the QC List is in “All” mode it now displays a column with the supervisor that completed the QC.
– New Error Pages implemented.
– Call Listing performance improved (when 500+ items selected to display).
– Quick Search added on Edit Assigned Agents on Restricted Users.
– Check for agents and extension duplicates when importing Agents.
– PCI Detection Length implemented.
– Approaching and Over Storage Limit labels (clickable and can be used for filtering) on the Partner View tab.
– Support for hiding calls until analytics has been performed.

– Gramma corrected on Company Selection, Transcription tab and Extension settings.
– Date Added now uses Date only, not DateTime, and label Date Created instead of added.
– Shared Heartbeats fixed.
– Checkboxes “send to agent\supervisor” fixed on the QC Forms.
– Confirm details fixed.
– Download column header displaying fixed on the Call Listing tab.
– Reset Password \ Unlock User buttons moved on the correct position on the Users tab of the Admin Report \ Partner View.
– Settings tab no longer breaks at narrower widths.
– Misalignment on Home Page.

– New visual design and speed enhancements for Partner View.
– Transcription tab visual design changed on the Partner View tabs.
– Deleted Users can now be displayed in Partner View.
– Added ability to edit site name in Partner View.
– Add new users button added on the Users tab of Partner View.
– Tooltips added on the Settings tab of the Partner View.
– Text displays normally until the edit button is clicked on sites tab of Partner View.
– Sites tab visually improved on Partner View.

Change Log – 2019-12-15

– Added OKTA support.
– Added support for playing stereo channel with PCI.
– Added Speech to text highlighting.
– Added confirmation details tab.
– Added multiple calls sharing (with evaluation).
– Added log out user session when 2FA enabled.
– Added player progress bar for single channel calls.
– Added Permission for Restricted Admin role to see the QC pages.
– Added archive QC Form functionality.

– Fixed error on adding agents
– Compliance Interval visual is now hiding if it doesn’t fit.
– 90 Day Retention is now available only if the flag on the distributor tab is set.
– Partner View showing colors for the overages.
– Columns resizing now works properly with the zoomed browser resolution.
– Deleted notes no longer display under the master wave on the Call Details tab.
– Distributor adding fixed.
– Secure flag on all cookies set by the application.
– Various security fixes and enhancements
– Confirm Details: Fixed company email check for System Admin and Super Admin roles.

Change Log – 2019-11-11

– Text for hiding unanalyzed calls in the site settings changed.
– Clicking on the time in the transcription section moves the call playback to that point.
– ID column on the Distributors tab now displaying only if the checkbox is checked.
– Additional Fields names now can be set on the Admin Report tab.
– Additional Field 5 as a column added.
– Implemented an option to change duration format in the exported from Call Listing file.
– The extension column added on Agent Listing.
– Groups assigning logic requirements changed to the minimum 3 groups instead of exactly 3 groups.
– Improved general security of the application, added no-sniff headers.
– Added UI Setting to enable transcription for the extension when STT is enabled for the customer.
– All filters icons changed.
– New Password generating rules implemented.
– A new tab for all the relevant settings for STT on the Admin Report tab.
– Added screen-captured video support on Call Details.
– STT Settings improved on the Admin Report tab.
– New error page for special logins if the user was not found in DB.

Change Log – 2019-9-21

– Quality Control Evaluation on the Call Details can be opened in the new window now.
– Call Clipping ability, now you can download just the part of the call instead of the full call.
– Added Created Date and Deleted Date columns on the Admin Report tab.
– Show Deleted Sites checkbox added on the Admin Report tab with the Activate\Deactivate buttons, now you can reactivate deleted site.
– Distributor code and Billing code added on the partner registration tab.
– Some call type names added to the tooltips on the Call Listing tab.
– Added possibility for using top-level domains in email fields.
– URL redirecting to the currently opened tab after login.
– Jabber added to the Call Types filter on the Call Listing tab.
– Compliance censor beep volume decreased on the downloaded calls.
– Azure AAD login option added.
– Ability to flag certain agents for a special email with form. (pending recording service update).

– Customers are no longer displayed as “false” in the “activated” field on the Partner View tab.
– Changing the price of the plan on the CallCabinet Management Plans tab should work properly now.
– Add user menu styles fixed on the Partner View tab.
– Forms validation issues fixed.
– The close button on the screenshots details page is no longer broken.
– Deleted Date on the sites no longer displays 12/31/1969 (now it should be just blank).
– Additional fields are no longer displayed with default names on the Call Listing tab.
– Editing several notes at the same time fixed.
– Prevention of deleting the last site of the customer fixed on Admin Report and Partner View tabs.
– Editing and Renaming Reports templates fixed.
– Problem with 1000hrs displaying on the home page until the database update fixed.
– Agent Importing functionality fixed.
– Call Details: Loading of Quality Control Evaluation edit optimized.
– Saving the evaluation and audio externally specific cases issues fixed.
– Call Details: different style fixies like:
– scroll now if whole question block not only for answers;
– displaying a long list of finished QC properly (after some amount the last one could be invisible);
– added stretching for question blocks when in vertical mode.
– Fixed wrong data being passed to backed and causing error when saving QC Form.
– Confirm Details: Fixed password field not being displayed when password validation fails in the back-end.
– “This call is not assigned to the agent” warning displaying after assigning the agent fixed on the Call Details tab.
– Admin Report menus(such as adding user, site and etc.) styles fixed.
– Fixed printing of very large QC Forms on Call Details.
– Editing/deleting users with the same role of higher fixed.
– Fixed CallCabinet Live drop functionality.

Change Log – 2019-05-20

– Downloaded file extensions matching codec.
– Editing own user now available (no role warning).
– QC Form saving after error about invalid name appearance.

– An additional option for Distributors like BroadSoft: “Metaswitch”.
– Implemented on adding a new customer.
– Admin Report and Partner View Sites tab column changed.
– Additional Fields(additional columns on Call Listing) are now displayed in More Info on the Call Details tab if it’s set on the call.
– Passwords now can be changed by sending the user an email, only.
– Adding a new customer using Partner View no longer has a password prompt. (user gets an email as upon adding new user).
– Ability to disable non-SSO login for a customer.
– Broadworks Group changed to Group ID on the Admin Report and Partner View.
– “Delighted” JS snippet implemented for the Home Page and CallListing tabs.

Change Log – 2019-04-29

– Added Speech to Text Categorization.
– Added Keywords search in Speech to Text section.
– Unlock user grayed out if the user is not locked.
– Added Logs of license changes.
– Admin Report \ Partner View plans menus displaying rework.
– Added Ability to add new users from the Admin Report \ Partner View.
– Added Ability to delete users and activate customers on the Partner View.
– Prices now displaying in ZAR only for South Africa region.
– Partner View background changed.

– Content Security Policy enhancements.

– Quality Randomizer improved (not redirecting to expired calls anymore).
– Autofill on New User in Chrome browser.
– Dropdown population on the CallCabinet Live tab.
– Report chart scaling.
– Extensions reassigning.
– UI fixes
– Bug fixes

Change Log – 2019-03-19

– Added phonebook lookup of telephone numbers.
– API service enhancements.
– Call Sentiment icons on the call listing.
– Added free entry note field to Users.
– Added Transcription settings tab.
– Added free entry note field to Agents.
– Added icons for Call Details Access Log
– Added Sentiment analysis reports.
– Added custom column names on Call Listing.
– General availability of OKTA support.

– Speed Enhancements

– Add Self as Support User button.
– Clearing filter functionality on call listing.
– Pages scaling on left navigation menu expantion.
– Single Call functionality.
– Call ID filter on call listing.
– Ability to delete credit cards.
– QC Role based icon.
– Adding agent license.
– Displaying of the QC Trial expires pop-up.
– UI fixes
– Bug fixes

Change Log – 2019-02-15

– Text to Speech, Emotion detection, keyword spotting and keyword search released into beta testing.
– Reduced spacing between lines on transcription.
– Token Login implemented.
– Address Book functionality (phone numbers now can be mapped with a custom name).
– API Services Rework.
– Metrics analytics implemented.
– Added Customer log optimization.
– Improved call loading logic on Call Details.
– Call ID column added to Customer Logs.
– Added new icons on the bottom part of the Call Listing.
– Added IP column for Customer Logs (and ip logging for all entries).

– API request from a secured IP that will provide a login token.
– Logging the fact that the login token was generated and \ or used.
– 90 Days retention flag added on Admin Report and Partner View.
– Creating sites with default 90 days retention if appropriate flag is set on the customer.
– Set retention 90 to site if distributor/sub-distributors have Retention 90 flag on registration.
– Restrict retention editing for the company if retention 90 set.
– Value of 90-day retention as a column in the billing report.

– “Showing heartbeats for:” dropdown scaling fixed.
– Edit Column localization caching.
– Transcription line incorrect displaying upon opening call details after playing the call on the call listing.
– Password reset link displaying expired in another browser.
– Password reset link functionality in IE.
– Columns order changing apply.
– Compliance licenses assigning upon screenshot licenses are allocated.
– Report chart legend resizing.
– Some minor localization fixes.
– Performance improved.
– Bug fixes

Change Log – 2019-01-18

– Added ability to share calls for 60 days.
– Whole blocks are now draggable on the edit columns.
– Added logs for password change and failed login attempts.
– Added Legal Hold functionality (a flag that will prevent calls from being deleted).
– Functionality that logs outs deleted users.
– Increased the number of transactions displayed when “Use Saved” is selected on the Customer Payment page.
– Increased amount of calls that can be selected to 50.
– Added ability for Restricted Admins to add extensions.
– Left Navigation panel changed.
– Ability to email call from Call Listing tab.
– Added ability to filter by “blank” on Call Listing for all columns that can be blank.
– On heartbeats pages drive usage >90% is now prioritized and highlighted.
– New UI for Reports tab.
– New UI for QC section (on call details tab).
– Registration link removed from login page
– Additional fields map for special names.
– Support framework for OKTA added
– Various security enhancements
– Bug fixes

Change Log – 2018-12-07

– Performance enhancements.
– Bug fixes.
– Additional columns available on Call Listing.
– Account lockout strategy added.
– QC Randomizer implemented.
– QC Randomizer filtering functionality.
– Functionality to open multiple calls from the Customer Log Data tab.
– New design for the player on the call details section.

– Added a setting to disable plan change for a partner and its customers.
– Added the ability to reset customer passwords.
– Ability to restrict a specific customer with a setting in Partner View.

– 2 Factor Authentication popup now displaying only ones during a session.
– Reassigning extension only works for not expired elements.
– Color scheme on QC Dashboard tab.
– Adding a seat plan on the Admin Report tab saving.
– Heartbeats clock restart after refreshing the page using the refresh icon.
– Disable plan option on the admin report tab removing settings upon editing other info.
– Supervisor filter on the Agents tab.
– Displaying of the items per page list drop-down on the QC Dashboard.
– Notes section improper displaying on call details section.
– Support reports password reset.
– Displaying of the additional columns after refreshing the call listing page.
– Back button displaying after redirecting from the QC Randomizer.
– Errors eliminated on call playback on calls with screenshots.
– Additional customer settings now can be used, when adding randomizer settings.
– Uncaught TypeError eliminated on the opening the call details.
– New additional columns displaying only after clicking on default button.
– Call ID filter on QC Dashboard tab.
– Previous page button while you on the last page redirects to the first page instead of previous.
– Player grid on call listing spill out of its designated area.
– Call timer placing on the call listing page.
– Browser Back button logout.
– Locked columns in Visible Columns list now immobilized.
– Client Heartbeats UI elements corrupt.
– Editing and adding card on billing settings redirects on general settings.
– Screenshot icon displaying incorrect information on the call details tab.
– Last contact filter functionality on Server Heartbeats.
– Double login issue.

Change Log – 2018-10-11

– Performance enhancements.
– Bug fixes.
– QC Dashboard grid uses the same color scheme as on call listing for now.
– 2 Factor Authentication pop-up is now displayed only once during a session.
– Now Call Sharing on the Call Listing page is allowed for QC role users and Regular supervisors only.

– Issue with disable plan option on admin report tab, checkbox now stays checked after editing other info.
– Fixed supervisors filter on agents tab.
– Fixed issue on QC Dashboard. Setting smaller value in “Items per page” drop list, no longer causes problem when drop list doesn’t display.
– Fixed space between the edit and delete buttons on Sites tab of the settings section.

Change Log – 2018-08-28

– Performance enhancements.
– Bug fixes.
– Two Factor Authentication Support added
– Idle timeout can now be different for different customers
– Call listing API now has PhoneSystemCallIDStartsWith and PhoneSystemCallIDContains fields
– Prevent certain customer logging bypass possibilities
– Changes to Restricted Admin Role
– Columns on CallListing can now be customized
– Changed default column sizes on Heartbeats
– Multiple security enhancements.
– Changes to CallListing query
– Changes to Landing page queries

– Error message appearing incorrectly on call listing in certain cases
– NA Answers now appear as NA instead of as score on QC view
– Fixes to call download in certain cases
– Phone number quick search changed to a Begins with search
– Fixed search for single call by ClientRef
– Fixed Show Pending Calls check box on CallListing

Change Log – 2018-07-26

– Update to extension mapping logic.
– Created Restricted Admin Role.
– Added showing wrap code on CallDetails.
– Added duplicating QC Role Data to Cloud DB.
– Filter icon now changes color when filter is in use.

– Overall notes misalignment on Shared page.
– Misaligned styles on Shared page.
– Broken popup styles on Internet Explorer.
– Call type icons displaying on CallListing.
– Notes bug on CallDetails.
– Call statistic toggle on Home.
– Fixed already logged in popup issue.
– Redirect to call from Customer Log error on IE.
– Call details bug with restricted user.
– Fixed issue with support user.
– Trial licenses are not shown on Billing Report now.
– Fixed bug when all calls are “Outdoing” when retrieving via API.
– Minor subject changing on email templates.
– Added Calls Today to Admin Report when Include Today’s Calls is ticked.
– Report PDF download bug.
– Bug with Quick Search and Filtering on Call Listing.

Change Log – 2018-06-12

– Allow admin to add/edit other Admins
– Added support to playback two channel audio

– Call listing Export with Call ID Fix
– CallCabinet Live adding entries fix
– Excel Export of reports fix
– Home Page tile alignment fixes
– Interval Notes fixes
– Filtering fixes on multiple pages
– Fixed error messages with permissions for adding/editing users
– Fixed alignment issues with notes on QC interface
– IE Fixes on reports
– Settings general Style fixes
– Fixed Call Type icon not displayed for SIPRec calls
– Fixed popup style issues on IE
– Fixed Blank Agent Template Download
– Notification popup style fixes on IE
– Minor fixes when switching from customer log to call
– General style fixes for IE
– Call Stats fixes for IE
– Call Listing fixes for IE
– Call Notes handling fixes on Call Details page
– Fix for Already Logged In interface
– Show deleted heartbeats IE fix
– BroadSoft Edit interface IE Fix
– Call Listing IE Fixes
– Fixes for editing email on Details Confirmation Page
– Fixes for adding site from Admin Interface

Change Log – 2018-05-31

-Performance enhancements.
-Bug fixes.
-Update to translation infrastructure.
-Fix for time interval note resizing.
-Date Format fixes.
-Visual fixes to activation successful page.
-Fixes on Information Confirmation screen.

Partner View:
-PartnerView support for adding new users.
-PartnerView users with read only support.
-PartnerView general fixes.

-Minor chart fixes

Call Listing:
-Fixes to call listing export to Excel

Change Log 2018-04-01

Major update and refresh of the entire CallCabinet UI, please refer the product brochure and manual.

Change log 2017-09-06

-Added a new QC Dashboard page
-Improved performance of Call Sharing interface

Call Listing:
-Fixed issues with Filter states persisting when returning from Call Details
-If call is invalid because of length a friendlier message will now be displayed
-Fixed issue with Faxes not properly displaying
-Fixed issue with Call Notes not editing / deleting properly
-Added wildcard filtering to Extension and Agent filters (use *)

Call Details:
-Added Inline view for screenshots

-Added a checkbox to determine whether to send completed QC email at time of QC Completion
-Added ability to select QC E-Mail default settings per agent
-When sending Completed QC E-Mail the reply-to address will now be set to the supervisor’s address

-Added Last Week as a predefined interval on report creation

-On Group interface if showing an agent with an empty first and last name will now show email address instead
-Various fixes for Internet Explorer
-Fixed validation on Extensions
-On Agent listing added ability to filter by Group name

-Added REST Wrapper to CustomerInformationService
-Added an API to get a Call Share link or send Call Share email

Partner View:
-Added ability to register a customer from partner view

Change Log 2017-07-24

Call Playback:
-Significant changes to the audio player
-Fixed issues with downloading certain calls
-It is now possible to change pages and filters while a call is playing on the Call Listing

-Fixed minor visual issues on QC View
-Minor visual fixes to Share call interface
-Scores now show in Completed QC listing

-Fixed printing text data on some reports
-Fixed chart scaling issues on some reports
-Agent listing is now alphabetical

-Extension reassign can now be used on existing extensions

-Minor visual fixes in Note Added email
-Minor issues fixed on Call Listing and Call Details pages
-Localization (multi-language) support released

-BroadWorks Provider ID added to the sites listing in PartnerView
-BroadWorks Provider ID added to Registration page and registration API
-Added uniquness verification to BroadWorks Provider ID and Group ID
-Fixed issue with BroadWorks mapping for deleted customers/sites
-Fixed issues with deletion of support users

Change Log 2017-06-28

-Improvements to playback on certain call types
-On Agent Import if an agent with the same name, email, and windows username already exists a new one is not created
-Phone number is no longer a required field for Users
-Fixed Reporting bug with Reverse Axes and Averages
-Removed back button on Shared QC interface
-Fixed problem with certain percentages not showing correctly for completed QCs
-Fixed bug on Resend Activation Email

Change Log 2017-06-13

-Fixed save button on Add Extension interface
-Fixed issues with a large amount of agents added to a Group
-Added option for sending Weekly Email
-Email is no longer a required field for agents
-Minor fixes to Agent listing interface
-Bulk Agent Import functionality added

-Added ability to add notes to shared call without seeing existing notes
-Added more options to the Share setting in the Settings interface
-Minor fixes to interface
-Added ability to Share QC similarly to how a call is shared
-Added ability to have emails to agents on completion of a QC to be sent to them as a Shared QC instead of PDF

Call Details:
-Optimized Access Log read speed
-Fixed screenshot alignment issue for calls with incorrect duration
-Significantly change QC View interface
-Minor fixes to interface

Call Listing:
-Users can now download up to 500 calls (note that this takes a while to process, ~ 10min for 500 calls, each call needs to be decrypted, transcoded, and added to the zip)

-If a user selects a value from the predefined date ranges the interface automatically moves forward now
-Added By Group option to Call Volume Reports
-Now hiding Pie Chart option for reports it doesn’t make sense for
-Scroll wheel will no longer zoom chart
-Added ability to report on Unassigned Calls (Calls not assigned to an Agent)
-Minor fixes to interface and function
-New Report: Answers Report – how many times an answer has been selected
-New Report: Question Fail Report – what percentage of the time did a question attain zero points over time

Partner View:
-Added setting for Send Weekly Email to customer details
-Change BroadWorks Group ID setting to be per Site rather than Per Customer
-Minor improvements to Customer Details Functionality

-Minor fixes to Client Heartbeats filtering
-Asample QC Template/Form will be added to new customers
-Added a Support User Role, equivalent to a Super Admin except that it cannot access calls, this can be added from Admin Report and Partner View
-Significantly changed visual style of You Have Been Evaluated email


Change Log 2017-05-16

-Sharing interface adjusted
-Representation of Sharing related customer logs improved
-Separate setting for sharing General notes
-Shared call can now give the ability to add a note but not view existing notes

Call Details:
-Minor fixes to notes
-Fixed alignment issue of screenshot icons on some calls

-“Month to date” changed to “This Month to Date”
-Selecting a predefined date range will now automatically advance to the next panel
-Added CallCabinet logo to printed reports

-Fixed bug with Save button on Extensions
-Fixed bug causing a limitation of amount of users that could be added to a group

-Delete button on Admin Report fixed

-Newly registered accounts now have Send Weekly Email default to true

-Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements


2017-05-10 Change Log

Call Details Page:
-Added call sharing ability
-Added option to allow enlarged screenshots to automatically advance
-Added nominal score to completed QC PDF (including those automatically emailed to agent)
-Improved performance of Access Log loading on Call Details
-When emailing a call or QC more than one email address can be used separated by a semi colon (;)

Call Listing Page:
-Improve duration filter to be more clear that it is in minutes
-“Show Ref” setting is now saved as a cookie and will persist across sessions.

-Added new method of assigning extensions to agents, same way that groups are assigned, old system still in place for now
-Minor fixes to Settings interface
-Settings interface now has Share settings
-Added ability to retroactively assign agents to extensions

-Change text data on Question Report to show Per Question
-Charts now have headings
-Charts now have vertical and horizontal lines
-Fixed bugs that cause chart to not print properly
-Moved chart legend to the top
-Text data in reports is now chronological within the groups
-Text data in reports will now automatically load if it isn’t very large
-Added Supervisor per Day count report
-Minor fixes and improvements to report generation interface
-Removed stacked bars from some reports for clarity
-Minor fixes and improvements to reports interface
-Call ID in text data is now a hyperlink that opens call details in a new tab
-Call ID in text data now has a copy icon
-Added ability to exclude empty values from reports

Partner View:
-Added Customer details panel to Partner View
-Added ability to change Customer Name and URL from Admin Report and Partner View

-Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements

2017-04-11 Change Log

-Added Group to Assigned To section in Call Details
-Added TF/SF annotation to QC PDFs
-Slightly enlarged question blocks (30px taller)
-Fixed spacing issue of Groups column on Call Listing at certain widths
-Fix to persisting player pause/play state when changing play position
-Fixed Group filtering on Call Listing
-Fix for screenshot issue when repeatedly playing a call
-Fixed minor style issues
-Fixed minor issue on Call Volume reports
-Fixed call links in Customer Log
-Fixed minor issues with QC PDF export
-Customer Details on Admin Report now de-cluttered into multiple tabs
-Additional settings on Customer Details on Admin Report
-Added visual feedback when settings changed in Customer Details on Admin Report
-Minor improvements to Billing interface in Admin section
-On Distributor edit interface added setting to Auto Generate API Key
-Various Bug Fixes and Enhancements

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