PortaOne Call Recording Installation Guide - Call Recording

PortaOne Call Recording Installation Guide

This document will take you through the installation and set up instructions to both install and configure the CallCabinet Atmos PortaOne recording solution.


1. PortaOne CallCabinet External Storage.
2. Direct integration (PortaOne External Storage) requires PortaOne MR83 or newer.
3. The customer will require an Ubuntu Server with version 16.0.4 64bit with https access to the cloud and SFTP enabled account for PortaOne to configure “PortaOne External Storage”
4. CallCabinet CCmodule version 64bit20200827 or higher.
5. Please request the PortaOne support team to ensure that the metadata is configured correctly, exactly as per the online resource below:

NOTE: The Partner must contact PortaOne support directly to assist with enabling external storage for the CallCabinet integration.

Example of metadata layout:
“CallTime”:”2020-07-22 16:11:37″,”CallDirection”:”outgoing”,”PortaSwitchCallIdentifier”:”047D4FFD 8B99AB00 00EF177D 3067908F”}

CCmodule requirements:

1. Follow the standard ccmodule installation and configuration procedure.
2. Enable SubSiteID for Multi-tenant support.
3. Ensure that you have version 64bit20200827 or later installed
4. Configure the following File Positions:
– FileNamePos1:<Number>
– FileNamePos2:<DateTime>
– FileNamePos3:<Ext>
– FileNamePos4:<Duration>
– FileNamePos5:<Direction>
– FileNamePos6:<SubSiteIdentifier>
– FileNamePos7:<CustomerInternalRef>

Ensure the following parameter is configured in the config:

Additional PortaOne online resources:

Enable Recording:

Customer ID and Site ID:

For any additional information please visit www.callcabinet.com or email support@callcabinet.com
This document may not be distributed without the express permission of CallCabinet Corporation