Leverage The Power Of VOIP Call Recording For Your Business

Leverage The Power Of VOIP Call Recording For Your Business

VOIP_Office_PhoneOne cannot ignore the fact that the world has become digitised and highly dependent on the internet. As a result, VoIP (voice over IP) has become a very common way to communicate. It saves a fortune on call costs, and studies suggest that small and large companies can cut their international call costs by as much as 90% with the use of VoIP! When combined with a call recording system that can record, encrypt and store calls effectively, it becomes invaluable in terms of the insights that can be gained. Calls can be recalled, analysed or replayed to ensure that communication is effective and that the customer experience is a pleasant and efficient one.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can be defined as the process of having a voice conversation via the internet. The voice file is broken up into separate components (RTP) and sent via an internet based data network to the destination. At the destination, these components are reassembled and converted back into a voice file. VoIP call recording uses IP network switches called port mirroring. Voice data is recorded and copied from one port to another network destination.

Benefits that you can expect when using VoIP call recording include the following:

• Cloud-based recording that can be accessed from anywhere

• Fast and scalable implementation

• Low maintenance costs

• Remote technical assistance

• Increased productivity

• Better customer service

Easy resolution of disputes

Regulatory compliance

Quality assurance

• Data gathering

There are a variety of ways in which VoIP call recording is used, and none of them are perfect. A problem that occurs quite often is decreased quality of audio files, the initial investment in a VoIP call recording system, differences in the way MAC and Windows use the system and its tools and the availability of said tools and security issues. Call recording software works on different platforms and are specifically adapted and designed to work as effectively as possible on that particular platform. It is often necessary to combine various components of various VoIP call recording solutions to end up with a comprehensive and fully functional call recording system.

Internet searches will show a lot of different VoIP call recording solutions. It is vital, however, that the VoIP call recording solution is perfectly suited to the relevant business environment. Often the initial cost of a site based call recording system can be high, and small companies often do not have the financial capacity needed. This is where cloud-based call recording comes in – these can be scaled according to the needs of the company, and clients can make use of these services online, on a monthly or annual basis, depending on the type of contract. Leverage the power of VoIP call recording today and save money while you remain compliant!