Complete Zoom Compliance Call Recording and Analytics Solutions

CallCabinet is now available on the Zoom App Marketplace! Now, businesses worldwide utilizing Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings can take advantage of compliance call recording and advanced conversation analytics capabilities.


End-to-end call recording for Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings

By capturing, archiving, and analyzing all of your calls, CallCabinet’s revolutionary compliance call recording solutions are enabling unrestricted business analytics and intelligence in both Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings.

On-premise, hybrid or remote, CallCabinet bridges the compliance and analytics gap for the hybrid workforce, wherever and whenever they are working, including in the world’s most heavily regulated industries.

Harness CallCabinet’s cloud-native capabilities to complete your digital transformation at your own pace while using next-gen AI and specialized machine learning for real-time business intelligence on the metrics that matter to you.


Future-proof Regulatory Compliance

Data privacy regulations such as GDPR and PCI DSS are no longer restricted to heavily regulated industries. CallCabinet’s call recording solution features future-proof regulatory compliance and automatically stays up to date with regulatory changes as they happen.

Next-gen Conversation Analytics

With next-gen AI and specialized machine learning, you’ll have unparalleled business intelligence from all your Zoom business conversations. Take advantage of natural language processing, sentiment analysis, emotional analysis and many more on 100% of conversations.

CallCabinet-Future-proof Regulatory Compliance

Custom Business Intelligence Reporting

Your business is unique and so are the way you make decisions. Choose the business metrics that matter most to your specific organization and get custom business intelligence reports at the click of a button, in real-time. Make data-driven decisions from single pane-of-glass views for the best in business agility.


Accelerate Digital Transformation

Modernize your business call recording and amplify what your recording data can do for you. With CallCabinet your organization can safely and compliantly migrate all your legacy and proprietary recording data to the CallCabinet cloud for comprehensive analysis and immediate accessibility.

See CallCabinet in Action

When you’re ready to advance your business success using CallCabinet, get in touch or schedule a demo when it suits you.