Why Buy a Recording System When You Can Subscribe to One? - Call Recording

Why Buy a Recording System When You Can Subscribe to One?

The expansion of regulatory compliance within general business is driving more organizations to invest in technologies to protect the business and their customers. This includes capturing all types of communication within an organization including emails, documents, letters, voice communication and screen interactions. So all of this technology is costing more as legislation mandates larger segments of compliance monitoring. At the forefront of this spending is the recording system.

In the past, only call centers and financial institutions recorded conversations. I’m sure we’ve all heard “your call may be recorded for quality assurance and training purposes”. Well, with compliance recording, just about everyone’s call is recorded, including HR, Accounting, Sales, Customer Service, Tech Support, Help Desk and many other departments. The cost of purchasing such as a large system can be expensive and money that an organization doesn’t or can’t spend. So what can be done?

CallCabinet offers a revolutionary new product, Atmos, that takes the guesswork out of compliance recording. Atmos is a Software as a Service or SaaS, that offers a business the ability to subscribe to compliance recording, rather than investing in your own recording system. Atmos guarantees that your calls will be recorded anytime, all of the time, with the latest software available from CallCabinet. With an Atmos subscription, an organization can pay as they grow, offering recording from a very small system, maybe 1-2 phones, to unlimited growth in a single or multiple locations.

Purchased systems require annual maintenance contracts and service outages to upgrade systems or even charges for major upgrades. With Atmos, everything is included. There are no service outages because CallCabinet is upgrading in the cloud. New features are rolled out to customers without interruption in service.

With Atmos Storage in the cloud, there is no worry about whether recordings are stored in a secured, tamper-proof environment. CallCabinet uses the Microsoft Network to store calls immediately and make them available to the subscriber instantaneously through the Atmos web portal, from any user device (smartphone, tablet or PC).

Atmos is cost-effective for the organization. CallCabinet has monthly subscription programs to meet any budget. Why pay for more than you need or invest in something that will eventually be outdated. Take Atmos for a test drive today and find out what the Call Recording Revolution is all about!