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A Decade of Innovation

CallCabinet | August 5, 2022

CallCabinet at 10

On May 12, 2022, we quietly celebrated our tenth anniversary. 

While this particular occasion may not have made much noise, our first decade of operation has profoundly impacted the industry, sparking not one but two game-changing industry-wide revolutions.

It is for this reason that our first 10 years should bear closer examination. Our impact upon the industry over the past decade has been remarkably disruptive. And with our constant focus on driving innovation through the industry, it seems apparent that we will continue to shape the way enterprises around the world manage compliance, quality assurance, and business intelligence.

The Dawn of Cloud-Based Compliance

CallCabinet was founded in 2012, but it was not until two years later that we truly made our presence in the industry felt. 

In 2014, we launched the world’s first cloud-based enterprise call recording platform that rocked the compliance recording industry.

For the first time, businesses were finally able to securely record calls across their enterprise without a substantial investment in equipment or contracts. Instead, we operated like other SaaS offerings, providing continuously-updated essential compliance protection on a subscription basis at a fraction of the cost of premise-based systems.

Better still, the voice data recorded by CallCabinet was easy to review and compliantly share across the enterprise. Voice data was not held hostage within proprietary premise-based formats but rather stored securely in standard encrypted formats in the ever-expandable cloud.

CallCabinet hit the market like a blast of fresh air, and the response was phenomenal. Globally, Finserv industries were just coming back from the worst financial crisis in a century and had been saddled with an abundance of additional regulations as a result. These enterprises were eager to embrace a SaaS compliance solution, as were a myriad of SMEs that were suddenly able to access an affordable, reliable and easy-to-use compliance recording platform. 

But success breeds imitation. So, as enterprises began preparing to make their digital transformation to the cloud, our competitors began rushing their own “cloud-based” solutions to the market, even if they were really just VMs running their outmoded on-premise solutions, as many did.

The rush was on. CallCabinet had kicked off a full-scale cloud recording revolution.

The Path of Innovation

Of course, it’s not easy for a young company to compete with more established and well-capitalized companies, even when you have a superior product. So while competitors worked swiftly to shore up their market share, we took a different approach.

We did what we do best. We innovated.

Over the next six years, we continued to refine and upgrade the our platform. We gradually regained portions of market share as clients began focusing more on the features of their call recording solutions.

This included beefing up our infrastructure and security, streamlining our interface and working to make implementation as effortless and seamless as possible. We became experts in integrations, re-engineering CallCabinet to become the most versatile platform in existence.

And we listened to our customers.

In order to help them navigate the mountains of voice data recorded by the platform daily, we built a next-generation artificial intelligence into CallCabinet to interpret and process the data automatically. Not only did our AI-driven voice analytics help supervisors monitor and review their agents’ work, but we also armed it with natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to interpret the actual sentiment behind recorded speech as well.

Thus, our AI-powered voice analytics became more than just an incredible quality assurance tool. It became a powerful business intelligence tool as well.

Innovation Makes All the Difference

As we continued to upgrade our platform with powerful new features, the industry followed right along, making each key innovation into a fresh standard among competitive solutions. 

In this way, we continued to shape the swiftly growing compliance recording industry. Our enterprise grew too, and by 2019, CallCabinet was a global brand with offices around the world. But it was not until 2020 that the true power of our impact would be felt.

The Covid-19 pandemic upended the entire world in dramatic fashion in 2020, causing quarantines and lockdowns that disrupted industry to a far greater level than CallCabinet had just six years before. But it was during the pandemic that the true genius of the platform was at last revealed.

The cloud-native architecture we pioneered proved instrumental in helping companies worldwide weather pandemic shutdowns by allowing their agents to continue working remotely without sacrificing compliance.

By keeping the wheels of industry turning despite the global health crisis, CallCabinet not only helped avoid an even worse financial crisis, but we happened to touch off a second revolution as well.

Unified Communications (UC)

The convergence of telecommunications modalities known popularly as UC had been around for decades before the pandemic turned it into a must-have commodity. The nearly 10-year-old Zoom platform suddenly became a household name, and enterprises began rapidly adopting it as well as commercial UC platforms like Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex as swiftly as possible.

Fortunately, we had already foreseen the rise of UC platforms and had been integrating its compliance and QA support into them for some time before the pandemic struck. Our ability to provide real compliance across UC platforms was unique, and our platform’s comprehensive UC feature set still remains unrivaled two years later.

But the allure of remote work remains. As companies struggle to bring their employees back to the office, CallCabinet is already helping usher them into a future in which remote work is a standard. With at least 16% of the world’s workforce already working remotely and competition for skilled workers becoming global, the UC revolution will most likely continue until the workplace has been utterly transformed.

And, of course, we will continue to lead the way by driving innovation throughout the enterprise call recording industry. 

Will our relentless innovation spark further industry-shaking revolutions? It’s difficult to say, but don’t bet against it. 

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