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Implement Queuemetrics Agent Evaluation In Your Call Center

CallCabinet | January 31, 2019

quemetricsdashboards200x200There are three processes that are needed for effective monitoring of any call centre environment. These are (1) measurement, (2) analysis, and (3) collection of feedback. If this process is continuously repeated it forms cycle that continues to improve the performance of the business. It also provides the ideal opportunity to use controls and metrics to gain insight into performance, and where and how it can be improved. It is, however, vital that after evaluation and assessment, that the reports and insights are acted upon in an appropriate manner in order to get results.

Using QueueMetrics Agent Evaluation simplifies the process of agent evaluation and performance assessment. It is a powerful tool that empowers call centre supervisors and trainers to solve existing problems and to anticipate future challenges in their call centres. In order for a call centre to function optimally, call centre evaluation is crucial. The following benefits can be experienced:

  • Consistency in customer service
  • Identify agents for promotion or training
  • Highlight problems and development opportunities for better performance
  • Provides insights into call conversion and the retention of customers

One of the challenges of call recording is ensuring that it remains compliant. Calls have to be recorded, encrypted, stored and retrieved in a way that is legally compliant. Even though QueueMetrics is a very versatile, flexible and secure platform, compliance to legislation and regulations is one of the greatest concerns. CallCabinet can cover this with the addition of our CallCabinet call recording system with recording capabilities that ensures compliance on all recordings.

The CallCabinet platform from CallCabinet provides additional features such as high-grade analysis and reporting in addition to compliance. This means that QueueMetrics agent evaluation and CallCabinet can be combined to form a comprehensive call recording solution that is easily searchable, and audio archive and comprehensive audio trail to ensure call recording compliance.

CallCabinet for QueueMetrics has gained a reputation for outperforming a vast number of other call recording systems, and functions optimally in a wide variety of call centre volumes. This means that it can be applied to all call centre environments regardless of size. The strategic partnership between CallCabinet and QueueMetrics combines their abilities and power. This empowers clients to benefit from a comprehensive call recording solution that is user friendly and data-driven. Not only will the combination of CallCabinet and QueueMetrics agent evaluation benefit the company financially, but it can also vastly increase the effectiveness and streamline the workflow in any call centre. So, to increase your call centre clout, get in touch with our team at CallCabinet and we can help you to transform your business!

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