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What’s New With CallCabinet Conversation Analytics?

CallCabinet | March 8, 2024

Since launching our AI-driven, next-gen conversation analytics just over a year ago, CallCabinet has gone from strength to strength. This is largely thanks to two things; deep collaboration with key partners and customers, and continuous enhancement of our product to meet real-world demands. 

Today, CallCabinet is seeing overwhelming interest from the market due to its unique capability to deliver real time business intelligence from conversations across any platform, device, department, location, or language. 

CallCabinet is an end-to-end compliant call recording, conversation analytics, quality assurance and business intelligence solution and we continue to make it better every day. The following is a quick update on what is now available in CallCabinet Conversation Analytics.  

Improved Visuals and Narratives

This update is about making data interaction more straightforward and logical for the user who can expect a cleaner interface and a more coherent flow across sections. We’ve given the entire platform a visual makeover, aiming for uniformity in style, a sleeker appearance, better narratives and smoother user journeys. 

Section Renovations

Streamlined Section Overviews with Direct Access

This centralized approach simplifies navigation, allowing users to quickly see key insights before delving into more specific pages. It’s an intuitive starting point that organizes and highlights critical data, making your analytical journey more efficient and easily informed. Dive into data with each section’s overview landing page, serving as your gateway to related information.

New Agents Section

The Agent Performance section has been moved under the Agents section. This area now provides a comprehensive overview of agent activities, including performance, with enhanced detail and explainability through question-based scorecards. This change reflects our holistic approach to agent analytics, offering users a richer, more detailed perspective.

New Interactions Section

We continue to introduce new functionalities that provide deeper insights into data. Users can now access detailed analyses of each interaction, including sentiment analysis, summary, key actions, and the ability to chat with data for in-depth exploration.

Interaction Journey Visualization. This new feature offers a comprehensive and easily selectable view of each interaction, presenting sentiment journey, agent action points, and Interaction summary in an easy-to-understand format. It’s designed to help users quickly evaluate each interaction.

Chat with your data. Quickly use canned questions or use natural language input to query the selected interaction, making it simpler to explore trends, dissect interaction details, and uncover hidden insights with ease.

Directly from the Interactions section, engage in a dynamic conversation with your data. This feature allows for intuitive queries and immediate insights, transforming complex data analysis into a straightforward chat. 

View Transcription. An essential addition, enabling users to easily view transcriptions in a conversation like manner, directly within the Interactions section. 

Section Streamlining and Integration

Chat With Your Data Integration. We’ve removed the standalone “Chat With Your Data” section, weaving its functionality into both the home and agents sections. This change aims to focus interaction querying more naturally into your workflow, ensuring you have visibility to relevant interactions and maintaining search filters.

Call Classification Consolidation. The call classification section has been phased out from our standard analytics offering, responding to feedback that it offered limited value to our broader client base. Its specialized functions now cater exclusively to advanced analytics clients who require custom classification, ensuring our platform remains lean and focused on delivering features that bring the most benefit to the majority of our users.

Enhanced Drillthrough to Interaction Journeys

Navigate seamlessly from high-level overviews to the depths of individual interaction journeys. This improved functionality guides users through detailed data landscapes with precision, enabling a more intuitive exploration. This allows users to discover the story behind every interaction with ease, enriching your analysis and strategic decisions.

Customizable Scorecard Phrase Editor

Personalize how you measure and interpret data, ensuring your analytics are perfectly aligned with your specific business objectives. This customization empowers users to refine their evaluation criteria, enhancing relevance and precision in performance assessment.

The newly added phrase editor feature is accessed through the “report options” on the main popout menu. Tailor your analytics with our new Phrase Editor, a feature designed to give clients control over the key words/phrases associated with questions in their QA scorecards. 

Why This Evolution Is Important

These updates reflect our commitment to provide a flexible, self-managed, more intuitive, insightful, and actionable analytics platform. By deepening the granularity of interaction details and enhancing the overall user experience, we empower our clients to derive more meaningful insights from their data, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Whether your business needs to analyze day-to-day conversations or contact center interactions, CallCabinet Conversation Analytics seamlessly integrates with your communications environment and compliantly migrates legacy data too. 

View the press release here. To see CallCabinet in action, schedule a demo.

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What’s New With CallCabinet Conversation Analytics?
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What’s New With CallCabinet Conversation Analytics?

Since launching our AI-driven, next-gen conversation analytics just over a year ago, CallC

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