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CallCabinet Integrates with GoToConnect Powered by Jive

Jessica Kruger | October 9, 2020

CallCabinet is pleased to announce CallCabinet’s integration with LogMeIn’s GoToConnect hosted-VoIP services. We are excited to partner with GoToConnect’s Cloud VoIP platform to seamlessly deliver a complete suite of compliance call recording, AI-analytics, QA, and agency evaluation tools to their users.

GoToConnect customers will benefit from CallCabinet’s rapid deployment and unparalleled Cloud-native security infrastructure. CallCabinet is a carrier-grade solution designed to provide enterprises with high-quality call recordings. CallCabinet extracts business-critical intelligence from previously untapped voice data through its advanced analytical features.

Record GoToConnect Calls in Minutes

CallCabinet deploys directly at the VoIP network level in minutes, making it possible to securely and compliantly record any GoToConnect-enabled phone in the service network. CallCabinet’s direct integration provides GoToConnect users with a nearly effortless transition to compliance and analytics.

Compliance Made Easy for GoToConnect Users

In recent months, businesses worldwide have, of necessity, rapidly pivoted toward a remote-based workforce, which has significantly increased reliance on the GoToConnect platform. The platform features Cloud-based business phones (VoIP), video conferencing, text, and chat — everything businesses need to run virtually. In the current global landscape, it’s clear that regulatory and corporate policy compliance must be untethered from the worksite. Companies need a way to ensure compliance for their mobile workforce.

Integrating CallCabinet immediately and positively impacts GoToConnect users by supplying secure, compliant call recording of on-site and remote employees. At CallCabinet, we strongly feel that ensuring call compliance is not just a matter of helping your company follow regulations. Our product development revolves around increasing your customer satisfaction with CallCabinet’s employee training tools, helping you find new revenue opportunities by highlighting trends in your voice data and keeping you ahead of disputes through keyword analytics and automated agent scoring.

Compliance protects a company’s bottom line, but with CallCabinet, GoToConnect users can do more than safeguard what they have. They can gain a competitive edge that will propel their success through any and every shift in the way the world does business.

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