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CallCabinet is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

| April 19, 2023
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Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now can gain access to CallCabinet to take advantage of cloud-native compliance call recording, conversation analytics and quality assurance automation for any Microsoft Teams environment. Read the press release here.

What your organization does with the recording data it collects has become the differentiating factor for continued business success. Not only is there a rapid rise in regulations worldwide that mandate data privacy adherence, but your business also needs to pay attention to the goldmine of business intelligence held within all forms of conversational data. That’s where CallCabinet comes in. 

What is Microsoft Azure Marketplace?

Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store providing applications and services for use on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. It is where customers worldwide go to take advantage of Azure’s scalability, reliability and agility to drive application development and shape vital business strategies. CallCabinet is developed in this same Azure cloud, is a certified and optimized solution for Microsoft Teams, and is available here.

Purchase and deploy CallCabinet in minutes 

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace makes CallCabinet available for purchase and deployment with the click of a few buttons. This means that organizations can now buy CallCabinet licenses and services directly within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The Microsoft Azure Marketplace also allows enterprises to apply their purchases of CallCabinet to their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC).

Buying CallCabinet through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is done by clicking on the “Get it now” button. From there, you can quickly review, select and subscribe to the plan of your choice. Partners in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program can order CallCabinet through Partner Center without needing a master services agreement (MSA) from CallCabinet.

Helping Partners help their customers

It’s no secret that implementing solutions that can make a drastic change to an organization’s growth could take months or even years to successfully roll out. Luckily, that is no longer the case. 

Partners can now help their customers shift to the cloud by rapidly deploying CallCabinet via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This means the time taken to help customers achieve workable results are drastically reduced. It’s a solution that enables customers to achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and fast Return on Investment (ROI). 

Platform-agnostic and immensely versatile, CallCabinet adds deep business value and differentiation to their partners, not only advancing their success and competitiveness, but that of their customers as well.

From cloud-native call recording to future-proof regulatory compliance, unlimited conversation analytics that can be customized, and quality assurance automation tools, it’s all there for customers to use according to what fits their operations.

Being a CallCabinet customer

What truly sets CallCabinet apart from competitors is CallCabinet’s understanding of modern business demands. In a world where hybrid and remote workforces are the norm, organizations require a solution that fits their unique environment without dictating any operational changes. 

As a cloud-native solution, the depth of features and capabilities that CallCabinet has developed through its proven track record in the world’s most heavily regulated industries, is second to none. Whether yours is a single location operation or a multinational enterprise with a complex communications environment, think of CallCabinet as the modern day plug-and-play solution. To date, our organization is recording voice and video calls for over 4,000 customers using the Azure Cloud.

With CallCabinet your organization no longer has to deal with unnecessary hardware, maintenance and support costs. You can migrate all legacy and proprietary recording data into the CallCabinet cloud and analyze it to make sure you don’t miss out on any business intelligence. 

If your organization is still contemplating a strategy to make the shift to the cloud, CallCabinet gives you true multi-tenancy with data sovereignty, data resiliency and data redundancy. Secured with multifactor authentication and military-grade AES-256 bit rotating encryption, your organization will gain the freedom to safely communicate anytime and anywhere. Plus, CallCabinet has global support to make sure your transition is as seamless as possible.

More about CallCabinet

CallCabinet’s revolutionary compliance call recording solutions are enabling unrestricted business intelligence within any communications environment. Powered by next-gen AI, CallCabinet’s cloud-native solutions utilize specialized machine learning to deliver unparalleled business intelligence in real time. 

We help advance business success with future-proof regulatory compliance, next-gen conversation analytics with custom business intelligence reporting as well as quality assurance automation tools.

Know what the right solution should do for your enterprise.

Microsoft Teams has an onboard recording feature to record meetings that falls short of compliance with many regulations. CallCabinet’s Microsoft Teams compliance recording solution closes all compliance gaps to keep your enterprise thoroughly protected.

Download our free compliance guide for Microsoft Teams.

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