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CallCabinet Wins 2021 Unified Communications Product of the Year, Again

Jessica Kruger | May 17, 2021

Newsflash: we’re jumping for joy over winning TMC’s Unified Communications Product of the Year for 2021. While we don’t do it for the awards, we’re nonetheless deeply honored when we get them, especially when they come from a venerated pillar in the world of Telecom like TMC.

Unified Communications is an expansive definition that connects to a rapidly expanding list of methods we use to connect. 

UC Recording is Evolving

CallCabinet is a platform, and its design is centered on unifying every component call centers need. We believe our design will continue to win in the UC arena because it evolves as a unified platform, not a separate group of applications. It’s humbling to learn that a magazine we rely on recognizes how aligned with their readers’ goals we are.

CallCabinet Pivots On and Off Site

Speaking of changing landscapes, the past year has taught us that evolution is essential and a shared experience. Major telecom vendors have adapted to remote communication solutions, and CallCabinet has gotten to show off its adaptability to a litany of situations. From recording contact tracers to drawing analytics from sales calls, CallCabinet has met the employee wherever they set up their office. As customer service departments move out of the office and work from anywhere, CallCabinet provides managers with concise tools to measure performance, train agents and take the customer’s pulse. 

The Road Ahead

Compliance needs are only increasing, and technology can help or hinder a company’s progress depending on how it’s designed. While UC applications grow, we aim to spot the compliance gaps, customer service needs and income opportunities our platform can address for every company. We look forward to 2021 continuing to be a banner year for CallCabinet, and we want to thank all our customers for supporting us and industry experts for recognizing our solution.

Click here to read the full press release.

Brian Gocher
Brian is a freelance technology writer and media editor based out of Central New Jersey. He’s logged 20 years of experience in the Telecom industry and side-hustles in the record industry. Brian started his career in technology at a company that made analog modems. He migrated to a marketing career in the call recording industry where he learned exactly how and why calls are monitored for quality assurance. These days Brian fuses his skills together to deliver his researched observations about telephony and compliance laws in polished articles and videos. He’s also composed the music for a long list of big Hollywood trailers. He does not miss the sound of analog modems but he is endlessly fascinated with phones.

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