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CallCabinet Atmos is an award-winning Call Recording as a Service solution that utilizes true Cloud technology to capture all customer/agent audio and screen interaction. Running as a service, Atmos completely eliminates the cost of on-site hardware and back-up systems, effortlessly adjusting to the size of any business with scalable, affordable pricing.

Call Recording

as a Service (CRaaS)

Call recording was once a one-size-fits-all solution, forcing companies into deep hardware investments with restrictive long-term contracts, regardless of the actual needs and size of the operation. Atmos offers a flexible month-to-month solution that eliminates the hardware investment, storage concerns, maintenance costs, and includes 24×7 support.

Call Recording Solution

A Complete Call Recording Solution

Since Atmos is offered as a CRaSS, it automatically includes all upgrades and 24×7 support. Atmos securely captures all customer calls and stores them securely, and in accordance with all compliance standards.

Call Recordings Anywhere

Access Your Call Recordings Anywhere

Access your call recordings instantly and securely from the Cloud via the Atmos HTML5 Portal. Our flexible, web-based application brings you your recordings on any device with an internet connection. Our Cloud network is hosted worldwide, assuring redundancy and reliability.

Flexible Pricing

Atmos: Easily Deployed, Flexible Pricing

CallCabinet recognizes all companies have different compliance needs at different times, which is why Atmos offers a flexible month-to-month enrollment instead of expensive long-term contracts.

Atmos Call Recording Highlights

Multi-Tenant Call Recording On Any Platform

Atmos’ Cloud-based multi-tenant design seamlessly integrates with 99.9% of all communications platforms (Cisco and BroadSoft, Avaya, Metaswitch, Netsapiens, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, and many more.)

  • Multi-tenant architecture, supporting networks spread across multiple geographical locations
  • Cloud-based design gives access to all your call data (across unlimited locations) from any HTML 5 browser
  • Provisioning and pricing are manageable from any tier of your multi-tenant platform
  • Single unified call recording and QA solution for operations of any size
Multi-Tenant Call Recording On Any Platform
PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance Made Easy

Atmos is designed to make PCI compliance easy, protecting sensitive personal and financial details spoken over the call. PCI redactions are essential to staying legally compliant, and Atmos can trigger accurate redactions 3 ways:

  • Trigger redaction automatically using our AI
  • Trigger redaction manually via phone agent
  • Trigger redaction with an API call
  • All calls are securely encrypted and stored redundantly on the Cloud
  • Compliance share feature allows sharing of call recordings via time-limited link to encrypted Cloud-stored audio

Call Recording is Only The Start

Simply collecting and storing audio is useless to an operation if that data remains an uncategorized pile of audio. Atmos employs a powerful AI to organize your data into an ever-growing body of knowledge, and equip you with the tools to intelligently target the data you seek. Atmos empowers you to perform deep analysis of not just call data, but screen recording, keystroke data, keyword and keyphrase detection, and so much more.

AI-Driven Call Analytics

Use our optional Speech Analytics license to gain immense insight from your recorded call data. Understanding call content and the shift in sentiment over the duration of the call equips you to train agents for maximum effectiveness.

  • Measure Call Sentiment through Atmos’s optional, AI-driven Speech Analytics license, which measures conversation pace, volume, pitch, and tonality
  • Dissect calls based on words and changes over the life of the call
  • Identify and report trends based on the performance of the call
  • Use our data lake to export voice analytics data, along with agent scorecard data into other analytics packages and dashboards such as Power BI
AI Driven Call Analytics
Agent Performance Metrics image

Agent Performance Metrics

Design agent performance metrics and accurately measure employee interaction touch-points (courtesy, efficiency, clarity, etc)

  • Weight your metrics according to your specific company requirements
  • Monitor employee performance for global regulation compliance
  • Use our tools to measure agent performance individually or run multiple comparisons across your entire workforce
  • Gain actionable insights, identify skill gaps, and spot training needs of individual agents or groups

QA: Agent Screen Capture

Compliance standards have gotten more stringent, and companies now need detailed data trails. Atmos goes far beyond simply recording your audio by offering audio-synchronous screen capture to give you a complete understanding of your agent interactions. Traditional video capture puts a strain on system bandwidth and storage. Our method of snapshot-based screen capture eliminates both of those issues.

  • Switch to a complete, holistic view of the entire call experience
  • Set the frequency of screen captures from seconds to milliseconds
  • Play back a real-time screenshot feed without consuming additional bandwidth
  • Display screenshots next to the call during playback, along with a graphical marker of when the capture was taken in that call
  • Each screen capture is marked so that supervisors can easily determine who said what, when they spoke it, and what else was on the agent’s screen during the call
QA Agent

Carriers, Resellers, and End Users All Turn To Atmos

Offering Atmos as a Cloud-based call recording service sets it far apart from any other call recording platform because it can be deployed on premises, off-premises, and for any type of customer.



who wish to bring call recording to their customers can now offer it as an attractive service instead of a costly, high-maintenance, hardware-based solution.



can offer Atmos as a complete solution along with the platforms their customers seek.

End users

End users…

and contact centers can deploy Atmos for its many features like QA, analytics, agent scoring, and more.

Whether calls need to be recorded for compliance or security, dispute resolution, or staff training, Atmos provides complete flexibility and scalability without sacrificing affordability.

Atmos Features

Secure call recording and compliance
Adapts to enterprises and businesses of any scale
Suitable for carriers, resellers and end customers
Cloud based/HTML5‐driven
AI-driven voice analytics for sentiment, emotion and content analysis
Unlimited scalability and storage
Complete agent Interaction management
Fully customizable reporting and analytics
Synchronized agent screen and audio capture
PCI compliance masking for financial institutions
Meets GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank & many other compliance regulations
High availability, Five-Nines reliability (99.999% availability)

The Power of Cloud Call Recording



Unlimited Capacity and high availability.



Unlimited Storage in multiple global data centers, allowing for total data sovereignty compliance.



Monthly consumption based subscription, up to 90% more cost effective.



Self provisioning, deploys in minutes.

user case


Any phone in any role, on any telephony platform or system.



Encrypted, redundant, compliant and meets all local data sovereignty laws.

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