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How to use the CallCabinet for Microsoft Teams Installer to Repair an Installation



This document describes how to use the CallCabinet for Microsoft Teams Installer to validate and repair an installation that might have failed.

Use For:

  • The initial New Installation failed.
  • A Repair failed.


If an error is encountered during the New Installation or Repair actions, the error needs to be resolved before executing the installer again or the result will be the same.



  • Please make sure that only a person with full administrator access to your organization’s Azure Tenant and Active Directory runs this tool.
  • The person running this tool should also have administrator access for Microsoft Teams as Microsoft Teams will require configuring by the bot.
  • The Installer had to be executed with the New Installation action.



When the script is executed, it will first initialize and load your Customer Configuration. If a customer configuration does not exist, you will not be able to action a Repair Installation.


Step 1 – Action Selection



Click on the Repair Installation to start a repair of the installation using the automation tool.

Use For:

  • New initial installation for CallCabinet Recording for Microsoft Teams.
  • Re-Install where Remove Installation was successfully completed.

Step 2 – Validation and Repair

The repair process will take you through the New Installation (url – ) process but will validate and repair resources in each step based on the Stored Customer Configuration.


You will not be able to change any of the configuration you already set before the point of failure. The tool will automatically complete the details for you, validate them and repair the resources if needed.

Once at the point of failure you will be able to set the remaining configuration that is needed.




Step 3 – Activation of CallCabinet functionality

Upon successful completion of the required steps as explained above, the installer will automatically create a CallCabinet Support Ticket for activation of the recording functionality. CallCabinet will then activate your organization’s recording functionality and confirm back to your organization’s administrator by replying to the same CallCabinet Support Ticket.

Should your organization’s want to continue finalizing your organization’s setup at this point, they are free to continue with the next step while waiting for the activation process described above.


Step 4 – Setting up users to be recorded

This is the final part of the process. Your organization’s administrator will now need to specify which members (users) of your organization will be recorded by CallCabinet. Please refer to this article on how to do this.

Once you’ve set up all the users, your organization is all set to experience the power of CallCabinet. We trust it will bring immense value to your organization.

Should you experience any difficulties, please contact CallCabinet Support.

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