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Setting up Call Recording for Vodia on Atmos

  1. Register to create an Atmos account by visiting https://atmos.callcabinet.com/Account/Register
  2. Set “Compress Recordings” to “on” – see http://vodia.com/doc/admin_settings.
  3. Using the Vodia management console, insert the  “Customer ID” and “Site ID” in the domain settings.
  4. The Vodia recording location MUST be set to:/home/callcabinet/recordings/$p_$g_$a_0_$i_$k+$s.WAV which translates to the required: <Number>_<DateTime>_<Ext>_<Duration>_<Direction>_<CustomerID>_<SiteID>.WAV (For Multi-tenant deployments please see notes below).
  5. Make sure you have the latest CCModule Daemon, should be dated later than 2016-12-27 example: 64bit20161227.
  6. Copy the CCModule to /home/callcabinet/.
  7. Install Sox library: NOTE! Only required if compression as described in Step 1 is not set, this is NOT recommended.

    sudo yum install sox (for CentOS)
    sudo apt-get install sox (for Debian / Ubuntu)

  8. Move CCModule:

    mv /usr/local/pbx/cc/64bit20161227 /home/callcabinet/

  9. Set permissions:

    chmod +x ./64bit20161227

  10. Run the module:

    nohup ./64bit20161227 >a.out&

  11. Note: On first run the command will terminate because the newly created CCconfig.txt does not have a CustomerID or SiteID.
  12. Edit CCconfig.txt and insert the relevant CustomerID and SiteID into the first 2 lines (These IDs are obtained during the Atmos registration process (see https://atmos.callcabinet.com/Account/Register). (For Multi-tenant deployments please see notes below).

    vi CCconfig.txt

  13. Edit CCconfig.txt and insert or update the following line.


  14. Edit CCconfig.txt and insert or update the following line.


  15. Edit CCconfig.txt and change the line “FileNamePos6:<None>” to


  16. Edit CCconfig.txt and change the line “Repository:<>” to


  17. Run the module.  NOTE this command will ensure that the module persists, to ensure it restarts if the server reboots please add it to the start-up config.

    nohup ./64bit20160622 >a.out&

  18. To start the Atmos CCModule automatically on system startup, please click here.

Notes: Make sure the files are in /home/callcabinet and the recordings are in /home/callcabinet/recordings.

Multi-Tenant Call Recording
For multi-tenant deployments please take note of the following:

  • For multi-tenant support, the CCconfig.txt file (point 10 above) should contain the distributors CustomerID and SiteID.
  • Set the <DistributorID> value in the CCConfig.txt file to the distributors ID (If Relevant).
  • Tenants without a CustomerID and SiteID will be processed and placed into the main distributor account, to avoid this set both the CustomerID and SiteID of the customers that do NOT require recording to 9 and insert or update the following line in the CCconfig.txt file
  • SkipIndicator:<9+9>

For help and support please visit our support helpdesk by clicking here.


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