PortaOne and CallCabinet partnership delivers compliance call recording

| October 29, 2020

CallCabinet is pleased to announce Atmos’ integration with PortaOne’s PortaSwitch. Our recent partnership with PortaOne will enhance their call recording offering with Atmos’ powerful suite of compliance, analytics, QA, and agent evaluation tools. The PortaSwitch and Atmos integration provide enterprises with a secure, multi-tenant solution, which in turn delivers a flexible, best-of-breed compliance call recording solution to PortaOne’s partners. PortaOne’s carriers and service providers will immediately benefit from Atmos’ easy and rapid deployment as well as its unparalleled Cloud security infrastructure. Atmos is a carrier-grade solution designed to provide enterprises with a compliant, flexible, and highly scalable call recording platform. Atmos also extracts business-critical intelligence from previously untapped voice data. Its advanced analytical features provide highly actionable insights into the customer experience.

Compliant Recording with Rapid Deployment

With direct Atmos integration, PortaOne clients can now provide their customers with a nearly effortless transition to compliance and analytics. With ever-increasing global regulations and the rapid pivot to a work-from-home business culture, many organizations find it challenging to adhere to legislation requiring long-term storage and encryption of calls, particularly within the financial sector. Atmos is a 100% Cloud-based technology, and it delivers advanced compliance functionality to help companies instantly meet any global regulation, including GDPR, PCI DSS, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, and many more. Regulatory and corporate policy compliance is occurring at the individual agent level as opposed to central premises. Atmos’ multi-tenant SaaS provides businesses a complete solution that ensures compliance across their entire workforce, on or off-site.

Protection for PortaOne Customer Data

Every stage of our product development revolves around protecting data. Atmos provides military-grade 256-AES encryption with a rotating methodology, meaning every single call has a unique encryption key. Our PCI redaction feature inserts a powerful layer of protection for businesses taking sensitive customer information over the phone such as credit card numbers or personal identification data. Atmos masks personal financial data from the recorded call audio as well as the speech-to-text transcription, providing compliance for businesses and maximum security for their customers.

Enhanced Features Drive Customer Satisfaction

Quickly resolve disputes, expertly train agents, and optimize the customer experience with Atmos’ quality control tools. Atmos helps businesses identify new revenue opportunities by highlighting trends in voice data that reveal customer wants, common complaints and feature requests. With Atmos’ emotive detection, PortaOne clients can offer their customers a set of tools to spotlight caller sentiment and apply keyword analytics.

Atmos positions businesses for success and provides a myriad of tools to help them gain a competitive edge that will propel their business through every shift in the ever-changing global business economy.

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