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How to Make Data-Driven Decisions With Call Recording Data Visualization

CallCabinet | July 5, 2023

Big data. It’s a term casually used to describe one of the biggest challenges in the business world today, more specifically, how to make full use of all the data that a company collects. Vast amounts of data are either knowingly or unknowingly collected through all the various forms of business/customer interactions that exist today. One such data stream –  conversation. 

While regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare have long been recording conversations to comply with regulatory mandates, more and more businesses are now waking up to the full potential locked within that same call recording data. This layer of business intelligence is a definite strategic advantage and must be harnessed to remain relevant in this highly competitive world. 

CallCabinet pioneered compliant cloud call recording and has since created solution offerings that are simply impossible to ignore for any business looking at gaining and keeping their edge. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with deep machine learning are just two components of CallCabinet’s AI-driven conversation analytics that are providing immediate solutions to organizational challenges. With its ability to be integrated across any mix of communications platforms, businesses can rapidly deploy CallCabinet and turn their recording data into actionable business intelligence. And we’re not talking complicated here, we’re talking seamless, real time, accurate data visualization at your fingertips. 

CallCabinet’s Conversation Analytics come in two purpose-built packages, Standard Analytics and Advanced Analytics. Let’s dive deeper into what you can expect from each. 

CallCabinet Standard Analytics

Today’s markets require business agility driven by data-driven decision making. That’s why CallCabinet offers secure and compliant recording with curated analytics for businesses of any size. With it, your business can immediately improve the customer journey, risk mitigation, compliance adherence, agent training, employee performance, and expedite operational efficiencies. 

Comprehensive prebuilt business intelligence dashboards provide immediate insights held within your captured voice data, propelling real time decisions from real time reporting, specific to your business. Standard Analytics dashboards include:

Overview: Trend and aggregated graphs on calls that display user-selected metadata and search capability on metadata, Client and Agent emotion visualization.

Risk & Compliance: Visual representation of the most common business risks, key regulatory, and script compliance metrics.

Agent Performance:
Scorecard – Standard normalized scorecard, structured on the most common metrics with pre-set weighting per metric/per agent.
Call Details – Scorecard applied call-by-call with a link to call playback, transcription, and manual QA.

Call Classification: Common call classification models (Account Services, Billing, Sales), providing trend and aggregated interactive graphs with common metric indicators by each classification.

Customer Experience: See where productivity and efficiency gains can be achieved with quick visualization across all calls, or per selected agent.

CallCabinet Advanced Analytics

In today’s fiercely competitive market, organizations must be agile in responding to customer demands and harness the potential found in their conversation data to accelerate business momentum. Leveraging technology to extract and transform the strategic insights captured inside communication data sources, has become essential to business sustainability.

Customizable, prebuilt business intelligence dashboards provide real time data driven insights locked within your captured conversation streams. A selection of dashboards are available in templated or fully bespoke formats, which can also be customized to your organizational requirements from the categories below:

Automated QA: Normalized scorecards, call details with access to call recording playback, transcriptions and manual QA or KPI dashboards built on points-based scorecards, customer-specific metrics, and weightings.

Sales Intelligence: Sales agent performance, conversion rate tracking, key metric monitoring, identification of champion sales agents and techniques used.

Collections Intelligence: Collections agent performance, key metric monitoring such as Promise to Pay (PTP), Acknowledgement of Debt (AOD) and Right Party Contact (RPC), identification of champion collections agents and techniques used.

Churn Intelligence: Identification of potential risk of churn or customer attrition, disgruntled customers, and monitoring of client emotion.

Risk Intelligence: Every business is unique with specific aspects of risk that need to be identified, for example, identification of customer churn/attrition, employee attrition, fraud detection, insider trading, market abuse, corporate alerts, personal gain, legal risk, anti-money laundering, bribes, complaints, etc.

Customer Service Intelligence: Key metrics are monitored and reported in dashboards, such as Customer Journey, Repeat Callers, Negative Customer Emotion/Sentiment, Positive Customer Emotion/Sentiment, Escalations, Professionalism, Customer Cancellation Threat, etc.

Historical Trend Analysis: Predictive and prescriptive analytics can be built to provide detailed information on past trends, predicted (forecasted) trends based on historical data, and prescriptive analytics providing recommended actions dependent on the results.

Time to unlock the vast amount of growth potential held within your business/customer conversations! Take a closer look at CallCabinet’s Standard Analytics and Advanced Analytics packages.

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