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The Customer Management System Revolution

CallCabinet | December 16, 2017
CallCabinet Call-Recording

Customer acquisition is on the mind of every business today. Creating a positive customer experience is paramount in earning customers and keeping existing customers in any business. According to a recent poll by Contact Center Magazine, “It takes 10 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative incident”. Each time we are put in front of a customer, we must continue to earn their business whether they are new or existing. That’s true for every customer touchpoint throughout the enterprise. Departments that before were never traditionally considered critical to the customer experience, however, they did have an effect on how the company is viewed. Departments such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Reception, Technical Support, Sales Engineering, Sales and even Human Resources.

There are different methods of monitoring the customer experience, including the recording of conversations, screens, chat and web sessions. Systems have been developed that provide the recording of these systems and technologies, some that can provide an all-inclusive solution and some that require separate, integrated systems. At the root of the customer experience is the conversation between the enterprise employee and the customer. Recording telephone conversations in the Contact Center has traditionally been the method that enterprises have evaluated the customer experience, while also protecting the enterprise during financial transactions and dispute resolution. As an expansion to these call recording systems, many manufacturers have added screen capture to analyze how the Contact Center agent performs during the conversation, while others have added other analytics such as voice inflection or agent scoring that permits supervisors to rate the performance of their employees. While these systems can provide an effective analysis of the Contact Center customer touchpoint, the rest of the enterprise is left exposed and open to jeopardizing customer relations.

The traditional customer management solution, although effective in the Contact Center, requires deployment of an expensive software and hardware system that requires an initial investment of the system, costs associated with the telephone system configuration and support, network configuration and support as well as professional services. The deployment of a traditional customer management solution can cost anywhere from $50,000 to millions of dollars, depending upon the size of the contact center and the number of customer analytic solutions deployed. Additional costs associated with backup systems, redundancy, high-availability and archiving can drive those costs significantly higher. On top of these costs, maintenance of a system this size can cost significantly on a recurring basis, along with upgrades and software assurance to keep the software current and effective. Overall, the deployment of customer management systems in the Contact Center alone can cost the enterprise a significant initial and ongoing investment. The expense of expansion throughout the enterprise to other customer touchpoints is impractical, yet opens the enterprise to issues of dispute resolution and even regulatory compliance issues.

Another driving factor in the growth of customer management systems is the need to support legislative compliance. As credit card fraud, identity theft and questionable accounting practices have surfaced, legislation has been passed in many countries to protect the consumer and enterprise. Laws such as Personal Credit Information (PCI) compliance, HIPAA (healthcare information), Sarbanes Oxley and other regulations have mandated enterprises to invest in recording technology to protect both the enterprise and their customers. Unfortunately, the cost to do so becomes even more prevalent as these systems must be expanded throughout specific departments.

So what is the solution to this problem? Is it just that the enterprise has to bite the bullet and make the investments? The answer is “No”. CallCabinet is a revolutionary new call recording and customer management system from CallCabinet that utilizes cloud-based technology to perform the same functions that on-premise customer management systems do. The difference is in how CallCabinet is deployed. Instead of a major investment in on-premise equipment and software, CallCabinet is a service that connects with each enterprise user to record their conversations and screens, securely stores these records in the cloud and provides access to the enterprise through the CallCabinet web portal. All conversations and records are encrypted, ensuring that no records can be tampered with, or can be infiltrated. CallCabinet uses the latest in Microsoft secure technology to store records and recordings in a secure environment. The only software needed to have CallCabinet operate is a small integration client that installs in minutes and captures all recordings from a specific enterprise user. The installation of the client itself is as easy as installing a program on your computer, thus allowing anyone to install the client without having extensive computer or networking knowledge.

CallCabinet has two unique subscription offerings for the enterprise. In Skype for Business, mobile call recording deployments, CallCabinet utilizes a per-user subscription to record, archive and playback voice and IM conversations, where in other deployments such as BroadSoft, Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk, Vodia to name a few, CallCabinet uses a storage subscription model. Either way, CallCabinet becomes far less expensive than an on-premise deployed customer management system. With CallCabinet, the enterprise only pays for what is needed, rather than pay for capacity. Expansion becomes easy in both subscription models where a simple conversation with a CallCabinet Customer Service team member can increase the number of users to be recorded or, this can be through account management on the CallCabinet portal.

Software upgrades are eliminated with an CallCabinet subscription. By subscribing to CallCabinet, customers are automatically upgraded at no charge to the latest and greatest software and are guaranteed 100% uptime since CallCabinet maintains at the service provider level. No more annual service contracts, no more costly upgrades, CallCabinet is maintained and upgraded without the customer even knowing that it has been done!

CallCabinet’s feature set rivals that of any on-premise customer management system. The customer can subscribe to as little or as many advanced features they need. For the larger enterprise Contact Center, CallCabinet offers voice recording, agent scoring, decision tree-based agent evaluation, screen capture and many other workforce optimisation software solutions normally available in an on-premise solution. For the smaller business user, CallCabinet can simply be a voice recording system with playback. The flexibility is up to the customer. The best part is that enterprises can mix and match subscriptions to provide complex solutions for the Contact Center while offering a simpler solution for individuals or departments. As smaller businesses grow, some of the advanced features of the Contact Center can be added to specific users on an as-needed basis, making CallCabinet the most flexible customer management system in the market.

Regulatory compliance is not an issue with CallCabinet. All CallCabinet recordings are encrypted with a 256 bit AES encryption, safeguarding against hacking of data, a major business concern today. CallCabinet utilizes the Microsoft Azure network, along with CallCabinet’s encryption program to safely and securely store all recordings and files, thus protecting the customer’s information. Further, CallCabinets’ PCI compliance module mutes out personal credit card information from the call and screen while the transaction is taking place. Customers can be assured that all conversations and interactions are safely and securely stored and meet all regulatory compliance standards.

CallCabinet encourages a “pay as you grow” philosophy in recording enterprise conversations. With flexible subscription plans and easy upgrades, the enterprise can be flexible in how CallCabinet is deployed. Find out more about how CallCabinet can help your organization by visiting CallCabinet at and join the revolution!

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