Compliance to the Core

We literally invented cloud-based enterprise call recording. Now our award-winning solutions are leading the way in UC compliance.

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Enterprise Call Recording

From the largest global financial services firms to SME startups, CallCabinet protects and supports the world’s businesses with robust and universal enterprise call recording solutions.

Born in the Cloud

Our award-winning Atmos platform was the very first cloud-native solution, revolutionizing enterprise call recording forever. Cloud-based recording allowed companies to decentralize operations, allowing multiple locations and remote staff to work securely and under the protection of industry-leading compliance at all times.

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Comprehensive Compliance

Atmos was designed to provide optimal compliance protection for financial services, one of the world’s most heavily regulated industries. As a result, it provides the most robust and universal compliance available for enterprise call recording.

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Feature Packages

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Future-Proof SaaS Solutions

Atmos is available in a variety of customizable SaaS implementations that are fully scalable for all enterprises, and will always remain the state-of-the-art compliance solution.

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AI-Driven Voice Analytics

Enterprise call recording for compliance and/or quality assurance (QA) collects a significant volume of voice data. Atmos employs next-generation artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret that data and make it an actionable source of invaluable business intelligence.

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UC Compliance

More and more, enterprises are adopting Unified Communications (UC) platforms as they evolve toward a more distributed workforce. And CallCabinet is facilitating this shift by ensuring that the requirements of compliance are met along the way.


  • Multi-tenant Azure cloud architecture
  • Unified Location Data Sovereignty
  • Data Resilience & Redundancy
  • Military-Grade Security
  • Screen and Voice Recording
  • Microsoft Teams Certified Solution
  • Cisco Preferred Solution Partner
  • Zoom Partner Solution
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Universal Integration

Not only does Atmos implement swiftly, but it was designed to seamlessly integrate with 99.9% of all telephony and UCaaS platforms. So you can be certain it will work with what you already use.

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Military-Grade Security

Atmos keeps your voice data safe with military-grade 256-bit AES rotating encryption and multi-factor authentication. Because above all else, compliance data needs to be secure.

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Five Nines Uptime

The Atmos cloud keeps your data resilient and redundant, offering your enterprise 24/7/365 access and 99.999% uptime. You will always own your data, and be able to access it freely from anywhere.

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Global Support

CallCabinet maintains regional offices and data centers on every continent where people outnumber penguins, and provides robust online support. We stand behind our solutions and our customers 100%.

Next Steps

In most circumstances, our Atmos enterprise call recording solution can be implemented very swiftly – within weeks, days, or even hours.

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