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Quickly resolve disputes, expertly train your staff, maintain compliance, and optimize the customer experience.

Agent Evaluation Maximized

Agent Evaluation Maximized

Clearly there’s no better way to hone your workforce’s strengths and guide them toward success than by listening to their customer calls. And, clearly no manager can devote the whole day listening in on those calls, which is why CallCabinet’s award-winning solutions enable companies of any size to train and interact with service agents, ensuring compliance and customer satisfaction.

Call Compliance Anywhere

Call Compliance For Every Company

Atmos, simply put is Call Recording as a Service, allowing organizations to easily subscribe to dynamic features customized to their specific needs. It can be deployed off-premises or on-premises, and is priced according to usage, reducing your costs abundantly and making world class Quality Assurance available to companies of any size.

Seize The Data

Voice Analytics: Seize The Data

CallCabinet’s Atmos call recording solution empowers your quality assurance measures with criteria-based sorting, searching, and retrieval, efficiently bringing you detailed audit trails. With the Atmos QA Randomizer, Supervisors can be as coarse or granular as they want when reviewing analyzed calls, filtering by agent, group, location, date, time, and more. By adding Atmos Voice Analytics to the QA Randomizer, the Supervisor can ground-breakingly pinpoint instances by call sentiment and even specific word content, eliminating the time spent on random sampling. Organizations can now ask their mountain of call data questions and receive detailed, accurate answers.

All On One Screen

Upskill and Engage, All On One Screen

Our solution goes far beyond standard QA features with robust training and quality maintenance tools. Optional Enhanced Atmos licenses provide organizations with a holistic 360-degree view of vital customer touch-points, as well as employee tracking, which allows the auditor to effectively review an entire workforce’s performance, all through an elegant, single-screen interface.

Atmos’ Quality Assurance option is flexible, offering valued system features for low, monthly subscription rates. Atmos, simply put is Call Recording as a Service (CRaaS), so organizations subscribe to specific features customized to their needs.

Quality Assurance Features

Agent Screen Capture

Sometimes audio is not enough. Get a complete understanding of your agent interactions with audio-synchronous screen capture.

  • Switch to a complete, holistic view of the entire call experience
  • Set the frequency of screen captures from seconds to milliseconds
  • Play back a real-time screenshot feed without consuming additional bandwidth
  • Display screenshots next to the call during playback, along with a graphical marker of when the capture was taken in that call
  • Each screen capture is marked so that supervisors can easily determine who said what, when they spoke it, and what else was on the agent’s screen during the call
Agent Screen Capture
metrics and accurately

You Define Your Metrics

Design agent performance metrics and accurately measure employees with your company’s own key performance indicators (KPI).

  • Weight your metrics according to your specific company requirements
  • Monitor employee performance for global regulation compliance
  • Use our tools to measure agent performance individually or run multiple comparisons across your entire workforce
  • Gain actionable insights, identify skill gaps, and spot training needs of individual agents or groups

Increase Agent Performance through Content Analytics

Gain insight from communication through how agents are handling customer calls. Understanding the content and how the sentiment of call changes over the course of the call increases your agent performance.

  • Measure Call Sentiment through Atmos’s optional, AI-driven Voice Analytics license, which measures conversation pace, volume, pitch, and tonality
  • Dissect calls based on words and changes over the life of the call
  • Identify and report on call or agent trends based on the performance of the call
  • Export voice analytics data, along with agent scorecard data to external sources, merging into other analytics packages and dashboards such as Power BI
Increase Agent Performance
Intuitive Scorecard Creator

CallCabinet’s Intuitive
Scorecard Creator

Take charge of your workforce performance with Atmos’ customizable scorecards.

  • Take advantage of our simple, intuitive, visual scorecard creator’s elegant decision tree that scores agent performance
  • Use system-defined questions or create your own interaction scorecard
  • Calculate an overall score or hone in on individual section scores

Quality Assurance Features

Secure call recording and compliance for enterprises and businesses of any scale
Cloud based/HTML5‐driven
Unlimited scalability and storage
Complete agent Interaction management
Fully customizable reporting and analytics
Synchronized agent screen and audio capture
PCI compliance masking
AI-driven voice analytics for sentiment, emotion and content analysis
Meets GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank & many other compliance regulations
High availability, Five-Nines reliability (99.999% availability)

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