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Agent Evaluation Through Call Recording

Atmos Agent Evaluation Tools not only equip enterprises to deeply analyze agent performance, but also to score and train employees for increased customer satisfaction. Using a wide array of analytics, Atmos provides call center managers a detailed and holistic view of the customer experience and workforce response.

Custom Reporting

Atmos comes with detailed predefined report queries, but more importantly lets you define your own company-specific reports based on KPI criteria you want to measure like number of calls, talk time, compliance with company policy, and other information acquired through the Atmos call and screen recording.

Analyze Workforce Performance

Having a tuned call staff is key to reaping a lasting ROI from your call center. Atmos offers more than just a data-rich analysis of your agent performance; it lets you customize your reporting templates exactly to your call center’s needs.

Measure agents individually or against others, identify skill-gaps, and gain insight on the changes you need to implement when training your workforce.

Agent Screen Capture:
Don’t Just Listen

With the addition of customizable agent screen capture (synchronized with call audio), supervisors monitor when and what employees say, as well as all actions and applications used during the call.

Call Quality Assurance

Using Atmos QA Supervisor Licenses gives your Contact Center Manager a 360º view of your company’s call experience. Just like your customer, your agent has a call journey, and Atmos unleashes the same analytical power on both sides of the call. Using the Atmos QA Randomizer, administrators select calls by criteria they choose in order to highlight, annotate, and score employees evaluations.

This is a vital metric tool managers use to keep agents up to policy standards. With Atmos QA, supervisors build a portfolio of teaching materials right from the company’s own call data that’s used to measure, train, and improve agent performance.

Custom Agent Scorecards

Atmos lets you custom define agent scorecards to measure interactions and set customer service standards.

Use our visually intuitive Score Card Creator to design your scorecards using either system-defined or your own questions. Customizing score cards with your own predefined sections and options allows you to weight scores based on company-wide policies, or even specific compliance rules.

Atmos Features

Secure call recording and compliance for enterprises and businesses of any scale
Cloud based/HTML5‐driven
Unlimited scalability and storage
Complete agent Interaction management
Fully customizable reporting and analytics
Synchronized agent screen and audio capture
PCI compliance masking
AI-driven voice analytics for sentiment, emotion and content analysis
Meets GDPR, MIFID II, HIPAA, Dodd Frank & many other Compliance Regulations
High availability, Five-Nines reliability (99.999% availability) more..

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