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Offer Call Recording as a Reseller or Channel Partner

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Let CallCabinet deeply enhance the value-added services and products you deliver to your customers. Win new business by adding Cloud-based call recording, QA, and analytics to your premium solutions.

Cloud-based call recording

Deliver Cloud-Based Call Recording To Your Customers

Call recording is needed in just about every business segment you sell to.

Offering Atmos, our Cloud-based call recording, QA, and voice analytics solution, attracts and engages customers from finance, government, medical, and utility segments. And since Atmos is a service, you’ll offer it for an affordable monthly fee that benefits the customer bottom line while increasing your revenue with new account wins.


Modernize Customers By Offering a Flexible SaaS

Atmos stands apart from traditional call recording and QA solutions because it’s 100% Cloud-based, fully compliant, ideal for resellers / channel partners, and can be up and running in hours.

Atmos can unify call flows across multiple geographic locations with its multi-tenant capabilities, and it can be deployed to smaller end customers that only need some of Atmos’ capabilities at certain times of the year.


Win New Business with a Powerful Modern Offering

Customers are hard to win with outdated, traditional call recording solutions.

They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to roll out, weeks of deployment time, accumulate storage space, and incur ongoing maintenance costs. Instead of losing customers who are deterred by expensive all-or-nothing solutions, you’ll expand your customer base with a huge competitive edge by providing an affordable, customizable, hardware-free, call recording service that’s installed and operational in hours. And with our solution, you’ll never lose money, paying only when you generate revenue.


Upsize Your Market Coverage

Our solution works for Enterprises, SMBs, and everything in between.

What’s more, CallCabinet designed Atmos as a multi-segment solution that brings full compliance to multiple markets, whether their compliance needs are completely different, or overlap. Atmos is currently providing call recording volume in the billions for customers in highly regulated financial markets, medical fields, utility provision, and more.

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CallCabinet Reseller / Channel Partner Program

Grow customer base and generate new revenue streams
High availability and scalable without limit
Expand market coverage
Monthly recurring consumption based pricing
Modernize your customer operations with a true cloud solution
Enhanced licenses and voice analytics become new revenue streams
All-in-one, customizable call recording, QA, and analytics SaaS
Network and technology maintained by CallCabinet
Flexible partnering options
Seamlessly deployed in minutes
Sell to customers of any size