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Call Recording can be used for dispute resolution, training, adhering to regulations, manage customer experience

Depending on your industry, the government may require you to have compliant call recording and storage to be inline with the standards of that industry. Keeping compliant is a major concern for many businesses, as sanctions, imprisonment and even shutdowns can be the result of not following the rules that regulatory bodies have put in place for your business. Businesses that deal with finances, provide healthcare, or give legal advice or help, all may be required to record any type of communication and transaction. Phone call recording software can make staying compliant extremely easy.

A benefit with all CallCabinet solutions is that the recordings can be used for dispute resolution purposes and the validity of the call can be established.

With all of CallCabinet’s solutions adhering to the requirements to maintain compliant for a variety of legislations is a core competency. The calls are 100% compliant and are individually secured and encrypted at source with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each individual call. All calls are stored securely in the cloud or on premise and can be made to be redundant across multiple servers and geographical locations. Utilizing CallCabinet’s Atmos, Foundation or Carbon solutions gives you the opportunity of sorting and searching your calls on different criteria making call retrieval simple and quick with full audit trail.

  • Call-Cabinet-Record

    using our award winning technology

  • Call-Cabinet-Encrypt


    compliant 256bit encryption

  • Call-Cabinet-Store


    using Microsoft Azure cloud storage

  • Call-Cabinet-Retrieve


    with our easy to use HTML5 interface

  • Call-Cabinet-Evaluate


    easily evaluate your agent in minutes


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CallCabinet - Features


  • Dispute resolution
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Training
  • Call analytics
  • Maintain security
  • Customer satisfaction

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