CallCabinet Releases Atmos Skype for Business 2.0

CallCabinet Releases Atmos for Skype for Business 2.0

CallCabinet released its second version of Atmos for Skype for Business,  a cloud-based compliant call recording solution for both Skype and Skype for Business.  In the new release, Atmos Skype for Business now boasts full server and/or desktop integration.

With Atmos for Skype for Business 2.0, small to medium size businesses as well as enterprise customers can take full advantage of a solution to search and retrieve calls directly from their own server or desktop, while still being assured that call data and recordings reside securely and compliantly in the cloud.

The award-winning Atmos solution developed by CallCabinet provides flexible, cloud-based call recording and quality management in a pay-as-you-grow, software-as-a-service (SaaS) business model. With its extension into Skype for Business, enterprise customers can take advantage of all of the inherent features of Atmos, within their Skype for Business environment.

“Now with the second version of the product we have included even more enterprise features of Atmos, ensuring that customers can take advantage of Skype for Business calls and meetings in an encrypted recording format that complies with all local and international regulations,” says Ryan Kahan, CallCabinet CEO.

Atmos for Skype for Business utilizes intuitive web-based screens to search, access and playback recordings. The system is entirely hosted in the cloud and integrates to an enterprise’s Skype for Business unified communications platform, capturing voice and metadata for the targeted Skype for Business users.

Kahan says clients continue to choose CallCabinet’s compliant call recording solutions because of their ease of use and deployment, the fact that call data is stored compliantly, as well as the ongoing support and continuous improvement of the products.

“We have worked very hard to ensure that our solution works across all platforms and devices, just as Skype for Business itself does. The solution is now available both on-premise and in the cloud, ensuring that all recorded calls are secure and compliant,” adds Kahan. Atmos Skype for Business can be a valuable tool in settling disputes, understanding how your customers and employees interact, and recording verbal transactions to protect your business.

Atmos integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Skype, Microsoft Skype for Business, Asterisk, BroadSoft and a multitude of telephony systems and devices available in the market.  Atmos makes it easy to access recordings from any device with an Internet connection. With its scalability, Atmos can be deployed in organizations with as few as two users and in businesses with thousands of employees.

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