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Cisco CUBE Call
Recording with Atmos

CallCabinet Atmos: a fully integrated Cisco CUBE Call Recorder.

Atmos offers the most robust method of recording, accessing, analysing, and storing voice and metadata for users of Cisco CUBE (Cisco Unified Border Element).

Atmos easily works with CUBE whether its in a Customer Premises or Hosted environment.

Cisco Compliant Call Recording

CallCabinet’s Atmos is fully integrated, tested, and certified Cisco Compliant for Automatic Call Recording (ACR).

Atmos connects to agent IP phones recording agent and customer voice streams off the CUCM’s Built-in Bridge (BIB) . As voice recording starts, Atmos connects to the CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) via the SIPREC protocol to capture voice and metadata while securely storing both to the Atmos network.

Automatic Call Recording (ACR) Over CUBE

When Atmos is integrated into your CUCM, an automatic recording session is triggered any time a call takes place on an agent IP phone.

Since the CUCM itself triggers the recording session (through its ACR feature), the entire call from start to finish is automatically captured along with valuable metadata.

No Footprint

Adding Atmos’ powerful call recording capabilities to your CUBE system adds no bandwidth consumption to your premises.

Atmos also keeps the recording process separate from the CUCM/CUCME, adding no resource strain to your Cisco system.

Deployment On Or Off Premises

Atmos easily works with CUBE whether its in a Customer Premises or Hosted environment.

Customer Premises Deployment
CUBE is typically deployed in a customer premises environment as the VoIP network interface to the CUCM/CUCME. In this case, all calls from the CUCM/CUCME to the VoIP provider travel over the CUBE. However, internal (extension-to-extension) calls don’t travel over CUBE and are not recorded. When internal call recording is needed, we recommend our Cisco Built-In Bridge (BIB) integration which captures all telephone traffic directly from the extension.

Hosted Deployment
In a Service Provider environment, Cisco CUBE may be deployed in the Service Provider data center. In this environment, the recording server (Atmos Call Collector) is installed on a Virtual Machine in that data center. As CUBE provides call streams over SIPREC, Atmos buffers, encrypts and moves recordings to the Atmos cloud.

The Hosted CUBE integration offers a low bandwidth solution for providing targeted metadata and forked media to the Atmos CallCollector.

Note: CUBE doesn’t allow recording extensions that do not traverse the CUBE. Only calls on the CUBE are recorded in hosted deployments.

Call Recording Scenarios

Use Atmos ACR on your Cisco system to record:

Inbound / Outbound Calls

Transferred Calls

Conference Calls

Atmos Cube Integration Benefits

  • Fully Cisco Compliant CUBE Call Recorder
  • No additional bandwidth draw on premises
  • No resource strain on the CUCM/CUCME

System Requirements

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version 9.x.x or higher
  • CUCM must be configured to support Built-In Bridge on targeted recording extensions
  • Cisco 3rd Generation (or newer) IP phones that support Built-In Bridge