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Need to record remote claims adjuster communications? CallCabinet has the solution!

CallCabinet’s proprietary solution for claims adjusters allow the adjuster to remotely capture & record customer acceptance conversations from any mobile device. Calls are immediately tagged, secured and immediately available within CallCabinet’s Atmos web interface or via API integration with the Insurance Companies line of business systems.

Our solution allows the insurance company to set up call flows which would allow the claims adjuster to dial in to a pre-determined number and follow a workflow which allows for safe, secure and convenient capture, storing and archival of the conversation whilst maintaining the highest levels of security and compliance.

A typical example of a workflow would be as follows:
1. The claims adjuster would dial in to a pre-determined number.
2. The system would play back a message prompting for the reference number or case ID.

Asterisk Call Recording

3. The case ID would be entered using the phones keypad.
4. The case ID would be validated for accuracy.
5. A pre-recorded message can be played back to the customer.
6. The call is recorded.
7. On termination the call is available within seconds for playback, API access or Quality Assurance.



  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    using our award winning technology

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    to meet global compliance

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Store

    in a network of global data centers

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Retrieve, Atmos, callcabinet

    with our secure user interface

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Evaluate, Call-Cabinet-encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    & easily monitor your employees

  • call recording, Call-Cabinet-Evaluate, Call-Cabinet-Encrypt, Atmos, callcabinet

    & analyze with reports & analytics

Key facts


  • Call-Cabinet-Atmos-CompliantFully compliant
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-Voice-RecordingSoftware as a Service (SaaS) Call Recording & Management
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-BackupNo long term commitment
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-BackupNo Maintenance Costs, No Upgrade Costs
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-BackupUnlimited growth potential
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-BackupDesigned Specifically for the insurance industry


  • Call-Cabinet-Products-BackupFully redundant and backed up
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-BackupFive nines (99.999%) availability
  • Call-Cabinet-Atmos-CompliantAgent evaluation
  • Call-Cabinet-Atmos-CompliantMulti-tenant carrier solutions
  • Call-Cabinet-Atmos-CompliantDesktop screen capture
  • Call-Cabinet-Atmos-CompliantSupports international compliance laws on data sovereignty



ATMOS 4 Insurance

  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Compliance recording
  • Advanced security
  • Multi-tenant
  • Workforce optimization
  • Dispute resolution
  • Mobile recording
  • Designed for the Insurance Industry

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