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AI: Driving
Conversation Analytics

Driving Conversation Analytics
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CallCabinet offers robust Natural Language Processing to offer you best-of-breed speech analytics with Atmos’s new options.

No matter how diverse our customer data channels grow, voice data still accounts for an enterprise’s greatest supply of opportunity and risk. Before AI, quality assurance meant sampling a fraction of calls manually, measuring only positive and negative outcomes. Things have changed, and now no enterprise can afford to manually sample small fragments of call data, hoping they haven’t missed anything. Atmos brings you the most powerful modern QA solution to companies of every size.

AI Understands and Organizes Your Unstructured

AI Understands and Organizes Your Unstructured Call Recordings

Every call into your organization represents a potential opportunity or risk, depending on how well your call center operates.

Atmos’s new AI engine powerfully structures your call recordings, recognizing urgent data points like customer and agent emotion, positive and negative trend words, and cross-talk.

Atmos’ AI capability cuts through what used to be a pile of voice audio and converts it into an ever-expanding body of knowledge you can directly ask questions of and get accurate answers from.

Call Compliance: Prevention Vs. Damage Control

Customers have plenty to say about the support they receive from your enterprise.

Getting an overview of your customer’s feelings about your products, support, and services was clumsy and ineffective before now. With its new features, Atmos transcribes and structures your call data so that trends in your customer’s speech and in your call center’s practices can be spotted as they begin.

Atmos’s new analytics help you enforce compliance standards, fine-tune your resolutions to potential risks, and allow you to stop putting out fires and get ahead of situations.

Call Compliance
Diverse Data

Diverse Data

Since its release, Atmos has helped your contact center to get a very clear picture of your customer’s journey through voice data.

But, Atmos’s new Analytics option raises the bar significantly by allowing you to include keystroke data, call traffic, and other content. Atmos helps you intelligently assemble these diverse data points, giving you a fully dimensional picture of the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the contact center.

To ensure we provide best-of-breed enterprise analytics, CallCabinet employs Data Lake technology, making all stored Atmos data accessible to external analytics systems like Power BI, SAS, Tableau and other dashboard/analytics platforms.

Positive Trends: Big Data Powers Big Growth

All too often, call center managers are focused on responding to the negative customer experience.

But why set your standard at just reducing potential risks? With Atmos’s new features you’ll mine transcriptions and metadata for positive trends that drive your product and service development.

You’ll use Atmos to find positive call outcomes as well as negative ones, so you can define your best practice standards for your agents.

Positive Trends

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