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Gather precious insight on your customers’ experience and agent interactions through Atmos Analytics.

Atmos offers organizations a wide array of information, derived from call data, user performance and content driven data. Atmos QA, combined with Speech Analytics technology, provides a complete understanding of not only how your employees communicate with your customers, but also how your customers view communications with your organization.



Get A Feeling for Your Calls

As Atmos Speech Analytics process your call data, audio is analysed not only for what is said, but also how it is spoken. Driven by our advanced acoustic algorithms, Atmos Speech Analytics measures voice pace, volume, pitch, tonality, and other factors to determine the sentiment of the call. Atmos also scans the call duration, intelligently measuring words and phrases against sentiment to determine trends in the conversation.

Use Metrics

Use Metrics

To Manage Agent Performance

Through the Atmos QA option, management reviews and evaluates the performance of customer-facing employees. Our decision tree based evaluation tools allow management to tailor evaluations for Key Performance Metrics and specific Compliance standards. The Atmos reports module gives organizations the power to measure the analytics data against individual and team goals.



Powerfully And Simply

Atmos QA, when combined with Speech Analytics, provides speech-to-text translation designed to allow intuitive retrieval of critical data through keyword and keyphrase search. Datamine your call recordings to find competitor mentions, product names, and words specific to your company interests.

automatic granular searching & filtering of calls based on specific user, group, call type, sentiment and content.

automatic granular searching

By using Atmos QA, management can target a specific list of conversations to review based on definable criteria and understand how well customer facing employees interact with your customers. Using our Speech Analytics option, supervisors can dissect recordings for content, sentiment and changes over the life of the call. Combining Atmos QA and Speech Analytics empowers you to provide accountability and compliance for your customers, as well as invaluable knowledge for you and your support staff.

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Call Filtering

Analyze The Right Data

Recording your customer interactions results in a large volume of calls to sort through. This becomes an insurmountable task like searching for a needle in a haystack, especially when you’re looking for specific types of incidents. Our QA Randomizer, along with the Speech Analytics option powerfully pinpoints results with automatic granular searching and filtering of calls. Customize your search criteria by specific user, group, call type, sentiment, content, or a combination of these. The Atmos QA Randomizer scans recorded calls data and compiles critically accurate results that allow management to concentrate on relevant data.



Vocabulary Library

Atmos’ Speech Analytics support custom vocabulary libraries specific to your customers’ industry. For instance, if your customer is in the healthcare industry, your custom vocabulary library can be configured to recognize industry-specific medical terms and phrases, giving your call analytics deeply intelligent, searchable results.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition:

Accuracy is Everything

Accuracy counts above all in speech recognition. As a hosted platform, the Atmos suite is constantly improved to ensure your call transcripts and search capabilities empower you, instead of encumbering you with irrelevant data. Atmos’ Speech Analytics engine adjusts to the speakers on the call, accounting for background noise and voice type. Go in-depth with cleanly parsed text transcripts, easily retrieved from Atmos’ elegant interface.


Unlock atmos

Unlocking Atmos’ QA and Analytics empowers you to provide accountability and call compliance for your customers, as well as invaluable knowledge for you and your support staff. Convert call audio from a pile of unruly data into a vital resource you’ll use to detect trends and institute quality measures.

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Hear and See

Your Calls

View your call timeline and see where, and how frequently keywords and phrases occur. Visually conceptualize call patterns to identify trends and get a scope of caller and agent inclinations.

One Interface

One Interface,

Accessible From Anywhere

Atmos runs where you want it, from the desktop to your mobile phone, and the calls are recorded in the cloud or on-site. This way, agents and supervisors share a common interface to manage calls, training, QA, analysis, and compliance.



Get Results Without Major Investment

Atmos brings you Call Recording as a Service (CRaaS). Comparable products require a significant investment in expensive hardware, system maintenance, storage, and service contracts. Atmos lowers your call recording installation and maintenance requirements and in most cases altogether negates the need for any on-premise hardware, while cutting a large portion of your power footprint.


Secure call recording and compliance
for enterprises and businesses of any scale
Synchronized agent screen and audio capture
Cloud based/HTML5‐driven
PCI compliance masking
Unlimited scalability and storage
AI-driven voice analytics for sentiment, emotion and
content analysis
Complete agent Interaction management
Meets GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank & many other compliance regulations
Fully customizable reporting
High availability, Five-Nines reliability (99.999% availability)


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