AI-Driven Voice Analytics

CallCabinet’s award-winning cloud recording platform incorporates a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can interpret speech, as well as the sentiment behind it.

Voice Analytics for Compliance

AI-driven voice analytics provide a significant advantage in delivering the essential regulatory compliance that is at the heart of all CallCabinet cloud recording solutions. Here’s how:

Image of Voice Analytics for Compliance

Natural Language Processing

Atmos’ AI-driven voice analytics system employs a Natural Language Processing engine that uses context and emotional clues to more accurately determine what is being said. This allows the system to transcribe the complexities of speech in multiple languages, offering at least 10% better accuracy over any competitive voice recording system.

PCI Redaction

Payment Card Information Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) require compliance voice data to be stored without sensitive customer account information. AI-powered voice analytics enable Atmos to perform PCI redaction automatically, ensuring that your enterprise is protected against human error.

Script Compliance

Contact center managers need to be certain that agents include required disclosures and legal disclaimers, and adhere closely to the scripts they are provided. CallCabinet’s AI-driven voice analytics allows managers to find specific language in voice data transcripts to ensure all agents are compliant in their performance.

Business Intelligence from Voice Data

Better understanding your business and customers can provide a huge competitive advantage for your enterprise. It may surprise you that your compliance voice data can be a substantial source of vital business intelligence.

92% of all consumer interactions occur over the phone image

CallCabinet’s cloud recording solutions capture 100% of these interactions, providing your enterprise with a vast pool of compliance data. Powered by AI, Atmos’ state-of-the-art voice analytics makes the vast pool of compliance voice data actionable to reveal invaluable business intelligence insights.

Voice Analytics for Customer Experience

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell what customers were thinking? While you can’t actually see what goes on inside their heads, Atmos’ AI-driven voice analytics can come surprisingly close.

Accurate transcription by voice analytics allows voice data to be searched via specific terms or key phrases that can reveal customer experience concerns. What would you find by searching for terms like “confused,” “thrilled,” “stupid” or “wonderful?”

Regardless of the words spoken, the AI behind Atmos’ voice analytics is able to detect sentiment and emotional context using tone, pacing, and language clues, allowing you to explore data by types of sentiment expressed.

Atmos not only detects sentiment, but it can also evaluate how that sentiment changes over the course of a call, providing exceptional insight into what makes customers respond positively or negatively.

Customer experience (CX) insights can be applied to scripts and tested through voice analytics to help your enterprise improve and perfect its customer interactions.

Voice Analytics for Quality Assurance

Along with compliance, Atmos’ voice analytics capabilities are particularly valuable for training and quality assurance management. The AI system is able to effectively review 100% of calls (as compared to 2% using “hit-or-miss” random call sampling), providing a comprehensive picture of agent performance.

Define Your Own Metrics

Atmos QA features decision-tree-based evaluation tools that allow management to tailor the metrics used in agent performance evaluations and/or monitoring. This allows enterprises to search for Key Performance Metrics (KPM) and specific compliance standards.

Define Your Own Language

Atmos was not only designed to work in multiple languages, but also multiple industries. The platform’s voice analytics supports the implementation of custom vocabulary libraries, allowing enterprises to include industry-specific terms and jargon within their search and evaluation metrics.

Empowered Granular Search Features

Analyzing hours and hours of call recording data is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But Atmos makes it easy. Voice analytics empower managers to set thresholds for clarity, and for amounts of crosstalk or silence, filtering results to show only calls that exceed specified levels. Search criteria can be further cross-referenced by specific user, group, call type, sentiment, content, or any combination of these.

Redefine Your Workflow

Atmos QA granular search functions are powerful enough to change the way you manage QA and evaluate agent performance. Atmos’ AI-driven voice analytics understands call content and automatically structures call data to suit your needs. Managers can maintain vigilance for specific terms or metrics, and also explore how to improve and fine-tune customer experience.

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