Digital Transformation

Regardless of industry, your company’s shift to technology-assisted workflows is inevitable. Fortunately, CallCabinet is here to help.

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Data Liberation

Your digital transformation to a cloud call recording platform opens a world of new abilities and opportunities for your enterprise. And it may be closer than you think.

The Premise-Based Problem

These legacy “prem” systems typically store voice data in proprietary formats that are unusable outside of the platform, rendering it useless for anything but archival storage.

For too many enterprises, the move to cloud call recording is impeded by the cost of maintaining outmoded legacy premise-based recording systems.

Because some financial services industry regulations require voice data to be kept for 7 years or longer, companies are stuck with having to maintain these systems for years as they implement a cloud call recording platform.

Unfortunately the cost of concurrently maintaining TWO compliance solutions for at least half a decade is prohibitive for many businesses, leaving them stuck.

Jailbreak Your Data

CallCabinet believes you should own your own data, and chart your own digital destiny. We pioneered cloud call recording because we know how important your autonomy is – and how valuable your voice data can be for your enterprise.

We assist enterprises in breaking free of the premise-based stranglehold through an exclusive data migration process that dramatically reduces crossover time between platforms.

Not only can this data migration process accelerate your company’s digital transformation, but it can yield swift returns by making your legacy voice data actionable for business intelligence analysis.

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The Power of Cloud Call Recording

Undergoing a digital transformation to cloud call recording enables your enterprise to do more without jeopardizing security or compliance.

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Put Your Voice Data to Work

Implementing cloud call recording (or migrating existing data) makes that data actionable, allowing it to undergo analysis by the Atmos AI or third-party business intelligence programs, and be shared across your enterprise.


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Work From Anywhere

While legacy prem systems are inevitably bound to a single physical location, cloud call recording has no such limitation, enabling multiple office locations, remote work-from-home and team UC workflows.


Improve Your Security

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, cloud call recording is often more secure than premise-based systems.

CallCabinet’s Atmos platform protects your cloud call recording data with military-grade 256-bit rotating AES encryption and multi-factor user authentication.

Archived voice data is further protected by PCI DSS redaction that can be applied automatically, manually, or via API.

Cloud call recording data is redundantly stored within data centers on 6 continents, keeping it always available and virtually invulnerable to loss.

Prem system storage is bound to a single location, making it vulnerable to loss from theft, sabotage, fire and natural disasters. Data must be regularly backed up and stored off-site, creating logistical difficulties and significantly limiting access for both administrators or auditors.

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Making the Move to UC

Increasingly distributed workforces are driving a global shift to Unified Communications (UC) platforms that is convincing many enterprises to prioritize their digital transformation.

While Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, or other UCaaS platforms are excellent at providing synergistic digital team environments, they are designed for collaboration, not compliance.

Fortunately, CallCabinet leads the compliance industry in maintaining compliance over UC platforms.


  • Multi-tenant Azure cloud architecture
  • Unified Location Data Sovereignty
  • Data Resilience & Redundancy
  • Military-Grade Security
  • Screen and Voice Recording
  • Microsoft Teams Certified Solution
  • Cisco Preferred Solution Partner
  • Zoom Partner Solution

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