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Atmos, the first cloud-based, multi-tenant, compliant and secure Digium / Switchvox Call Recording solution

You chose the Digium / Switchvox telecommunications platform for its flexibility. However is your Switchvox call recording compliant?

CallCabinet has you covered!

CallCabinet leverages the power of Digium / Switchvox, while introducing compliant recording that is becoming a requirement.

CallCabinet’s Atmos for Digium / Switchvox call recording is a Software as a Service product that provides an easily searched, self-managing audio archive, complete with audit trail for any industry that may require a compliant call recording solution.

Atmos for Digium / Switchvox can out perform and save you money in

Asterisk Call Recording

high, medium and low call volume environments.

Combining both Digium / Switchvox and Atmos for Switchvox creates an easily to use, cost effective Switchvox call recording solution, complete with audit trail.

Speak with us to understand how this cost effective, low risk solution can work for you.

  • Call-Cabinet-Record

    using our award winning technology

  • Call-Cabinet-Encrypt

    compliant 256bit encryption

  • Call-Cabinet-Store

    using Microsoft Azure cloud storage

  • Call-Cabinet-Retrieve

    with our easy to use HTML5 interface

  • Call-Cabinet-Evaluate

    easily evaluate your agent in minutes



  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Compliance recording
  • Advanced security
  • Multi-tenant
  • Workforce optimization
  • Dispute resolution
  • Mobile recording
  • Supports the Vodia Platform
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Key facts

  • Call-Cabinet-Products-CompliantFully compliant call recording
  • Bespoke-Design-For-DigiumDesigned Specifically for Digium
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-Recording-ManagementSoftware as a Service (SaaS) Call Recording & Management
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-Multi-tenantMulti-tenant carrier solutions
  • Call-Cabinet-Products-MaintenanceNo Maintenance Costs, No Upgrade Costs

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