A World of Compliance

Your enterprise deserves a world-class compliance and quality assurance solution. We’ve got that, and then some.

Global Support

CallCabinet is a multinational company with offices and data centers located around the world.

Not only does this allow us to provide world-class compliance for global-scale enterprises, but it forms the basis for a global support network that helps keep the wheels of financial services and other industries operating smoothly, even in the face of a global crisis.

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Compliance. Everywhere.

In 2012, CallCabinet originated cloud-based compliance recording with the launch of our award-winning Atmos platform. Eight years later, this technology enabled some of the world’s largest companies to continue operations during the worst global pandemic in a century.

As more enterprises make the move toward enabling remote work, it is CallCabinet’s world-class compliance solutions that are making it possible by providing global support and high-level integration with the world’s most popular unified communications (UC) platforms, like Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Zoom.

Defining World-Class Compliance

Our global compliance expertise has grown out of serving the heavily-regulated financial services industry for over a decade.

As financial services enterprises know well, operating at scale within this industry means meeting the legal requirements of multiple international jurisdictions at the same time. CallCabinet’s solutions are exceptionally adept at navigating the complex web of compliance required for enterprises at the highest levels. World-class compliance is our forté.

Your Global Network

The brilliance of our cloud-native solutions is that they enable enterprises to operate compliantly all over the world. But it is not merely the multi-tenant capabilities of our solutions that support global enterprise in this way. Rather, it is the fact that, like so many of our clients, CallCabinet is a multinational enterprise with offices strategically located around the globe.

This allows us to better serve the specific needs of clients in key financial markets through localized expertise, providing a global support network with a universally profound depth of knowledge and expertise.

The King of Data Sovereignty

In addition to globally-positioned business offices and technical support, CallCabinet also maintains data centers on six continents. Not only does this provide an extraordinary degree of data redundancy and resiliency, but it also allows our clients to meet data sovereignty requirements.

The King of Data Sovereignty image
The King of Data Sovereignty image

More than 100 nations currently have some manner of data sovereignty laws in place. These national regulations, which are aimed at protecting citizen’s data, require a global degree of compliance that extends beyond the reach of compliance regulations themselves. So while some solutions may offer “global compliance” they may still fail to comply with data sovereignty requirements.

However, for CallCabinet’s clients, data sovereignty requirements are a given. All of our cloud-based solutions ensure data sovereignty natively through the strategic architecture of our global network of data centers within the Azure cloud.

CallCabinet’s solutions not only provide compliance, they are compliant to the core.

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