Setting up PCI compliance for Atmos Call Recording | Call Recording

Setting up PCI compliance for Atmos Call Recording

This document contains information related to the installation of the Atmos PCI compliance module


  1. PCI Compliance licenses assigned to your Atmos account. This is visible in Atmos by browsing to Settings > Agents
    Atmos Compliance License
  2. The Atmos Agent Client which can be downloaded from 

Installation Steps:

  1. Log into Atmos and go to the Agents tab in Settings.
  2. Create a new Agent or edit an existing agent ensuring that email address is correct and that the “Compliance enabled” checkbox is selected.
  3. Copy your accounts CustomerID and SiteID from the Settings > Sites page in Atmos, these two keys will be needed in the next step.
  4. Install the Atmos Agent Client on the agents PC, during the installation process you will be asked for the CustomerID and SiteID (step 3), and the agents email address.


  1. When on a call, the agent clicks on the “Atmos Agent Client” just prior to capturing credit card information. This process can also be completed via API integration, please reach out to your CallCabinet contact for more information on API integration.
  2. Once the call has been completed, log into Atmos, go to Call Listing and select the Call Details icon for the specific call:
  3. Ensure that you can now see the PCI redacted section of the call
    PCI Redaction

Please visit our helpdesk if you require any additional information or support.