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Table of Contents for Atmos Plus User Guide

  1. User Settings
  2. Call Details
  3. Reports
  4. QC
  5. Support

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1. User Settings

The points below relate to the tab numbers on the image:

    1.”Add New User”  – Use this button to add new users to your Atmos account.
    2.You can choose what roles your users have here.QC user roles consist of “QC Admin”, “QC Supervisor”, “QC Analyst”.
    – QC Admin has access to all three QC features: Call details, QC Builder, and  Reports.
    – QC Supervisor has access to just Call Details.
    – QC Analyst has access to Call Details and reports.

    With the pencil icon to the right of each user, you can edit what QC role they are assigned to any time you’d like.

2. Call Details Page

The points below relate to the tab numbers on the image:

  1. The “Assigned to” section displays the name of the Agent the call is assigned to, their extension number and their email. Also there is a “Personal Call” checkbox that you can check off that it is not a work related call so that it doesn’t need to be evaluated. You also are able to re-assign the call to another agent instead of the one it is currently assigned to.
  2. The “Call Info” section lists information about the call. From the phone number of the caller to the duration and direction of the call.
  3. The “Access Log” section shows who has look interacted with the current call details. It will display who used back the playback feature, made a note or downloaded the call.
  4. Wave Graphical representation of the call during playback in the “Call Playback” section. You can navigate directly to the portion of the call you would like to hear.
  5. The monitor icon indicates the specific moment in the call in which the screen capture was taken.
  6. The screen captures are displayed here. By enlarging (clicking) on the screenshot, you are able to look though the call to see what the agent was doing on their computer during the call. While the screenshot is enlarged you are also able to “Zoom to fit”, “Actual size”, “Download” and “Email” the screen capture.
  7. The “Begin Quality Control” button enables you to evaluate your agent’s. For example, “was the agent able to help the customer with their problem?” or “did the agent advise the client that the call was being recorded?”. With the forms you will be able to better evaluate your agent and where they need growth, and how and if your clients needs have been fully taken care of.
  8. “Completed Evaluations” displays the “Name” of the evaluation, the date is was “Created On” and who it was “Created By”.
  9. “Notes” enables you to leave a note on a call. You will be able to edit it within 14 minutes after it was created. After that, the note is permanent.
  10. “Flag” enables you to flag a specific call of your choice to refer back to later.
  11. “Quality Control” reveals and hides the Quality Control section located at the bottom of the page (7).
  12. “Email” enables you to send the call recording through email.
  13. Download icon: clicking on this icon will download the call in a non-encrypted mp3 format.
  14. This is the back button will direct you back to the “Call Listing” page.

3. Reports Page

The points below relate to the tab numbers on the image:

  1. Click to create a new “Report”.

This is your first of three steps to generate your own customized report.

    2. You can filter out what you don’t want in your report by selecting only want you want to show. 3. Switch to “Advanced Mode” option
  1. The number 4,744  shows the total number of what you have chose to filter.
  2. Here it shows you the amount of calls per each day of the chosen month.
  3. The color key is here to help you understand what each color on the graph means.
  4. You have the choice of switching between 3 different types of graphs.
  5. To create a report click on “New Report”. Once you start a “New Report” it will exit the report you are currently in.
  6. Download your report as a PDF file.
  7. Print your report.
  8. By clicking on “Show Text Data” you are able to see the exact numbers for your incoming, outgoing and total calls.

4. QC Builder

The points below relate to the tab numbers on the image:

  1. You can customize the form to say what you think best fits your companies needs to quality control.
  2. You are able to edit and delete forms here.

The points below relate to the tab numbers on the image:

  1. Add more questions, remove, undo, save & exit or just exit.
  2. Here you are able to create questions for your QA to be able to evaluate the agent.
  3. Click the “X” button to delete the answer that you have created.
  4. Design the path of a question by leading to the answers you have created.
  5. Add a hint for your QA in case they are unsure about a certain question.

5. Support

If you have any questions or if you require support, please visit either our contact us page (https://www.callcabinet.com/contact-us/) or visit our help desk by clicking here.