Enterprises never need to worry whether their systems are up-to-date with the latest regulations and technologies. CallCabinet has you covered. Always.

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Cloud Compliance Solutions

CallCabinet is dedicated to providing the highest level of compliance protection to enterprises of every size and industry.

Our cloud compliance solutions are fully scalable, so they will always meet the needs of your business as it grows. The solutions packages below can be further customized as needed.

Core Recording Package

Our essential features package –
designed for SMEs

  • Unlimited Automatic Voice Recording
  • Unlimited Voice Data Cloud Storage
  • Military-Grade 256-bit AES Rotating Encryption
  • Unified Location Data Sovereignty
  • Redundancy i
    Local & Geographic
  • Multi-Factor Authentication Support
  • Recording Retrieval & Download
  • Searchable Data Tagging and Notes
  • Control Panel Dashboard Interface
  • Basic API Support

Advanced Recording Package

Advanced Enterprise-level
features package

  • Includes all CORE Package features PLUS:
  • Unlimited Advanced Admin Licenses
  • Automated Speech-to-Text Transcription
  • Emotion & Sentiment Analysis & Tagging
  • Expanded Call Details & Data
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities
  • Enhanced Compliance Call Sharing
  • Enhanced Call Notes
  • Keyword & Key phrase Search

Analytics Recording Package

Enterprise-level features with enhanced QA and business intelligence functionality

  • Includes all ADVANCED Package features PLUS:
  • Unlimited QA User Licenses
  • One QA Supervisor License for every 10 Analytics Licenses purchased i
    QA Supervisor License includes easy-to-use agent monitoring, evaluation, and reporting tools
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • CX Application & Tools
  • Custom Application Builder
  • Automated AI-Driven PCI DSS Redaction

More of the SaaS Compliance Features your Business Needs

Package Pricing Determined by Service Regions

2N Resilience

Full 2N resilience automatically switches to a secondary system in the event of primary hardware failure.

Enhanced API

Enhanced API provides access to call records, call data and the ability to download calls to third-party applications.

PCI DSS Redaction

PCI DSS Redaction through API or manual intervention.

PCI DSS AI-Automated Redaction

AI-Driven PCI DSS redaction automatically detects and redacts payment card data for constant PCI DSS compliance.

Included in ANALYTICS Plan

Microsoft Teams Video Recording

Capture all MS Teams output: isolated audio, video conferences and application screen sharing. (Requires Microsoft Teams Video Server)

Automated Transcription

Unlimited transcription, including emotion and sentiment analysis. Transcriptions are displayed on the “Call Details” screen (may require an Advanced Admin License).

Included in ADVANCED & ANALYTICS Plans

AI-Driven Voice Analytics

Unlimited transcription, emotion and sentiment plus access to the analytics dashboard and AI applications, including AI-driven PCI DSS Redaction.

Included in ANALYTICS Plan

Atmos Agent Client

Windows desktop client add-on feature allows for the addition of call notes and call tagging with custom metadata.

Included in ANALYTICS Plan

Agent Desktop Screen Capture

Screenshot Capture of one or multiple desktop screens in sync with audio data. Includes storage for up to 60 days.

Agent Desktop Screen Recording

Video capture of one or multiple desktop screens, synced to recorded voice data. Includes storage for up to 60 days.

QA Supervisor License

Multiple QA applications including agent evaluation and scorecards, custom scorecard editor, QA randomizer and QA reporting. Requires Advanced Admin License per each QA Supervisor License.

Included in ANALYTICS Plan

Advanced Admin License

Access to enhanced call details, screen capture/recording, emotion and sentiment analysis, advanced reporting, enhanced compliance call sharing and call notes.

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The Power of SaaS Compliance

Compliance is a necessity for any business that transacts with customers remotely, whether over the phone or through video conferencing and UC channels.

By implementing a SaaS compliance solution like CallCabinet’s award-winning Atmos platform, enterprises of any size can easily mitigate their regulatory exposure without making the substantial investment in hardware that premise-based systems require.

CallCabinet’s Atmos platform can also be implemented as a premise-based or hybrid system, making it the most versatile solution available.

Beyond Compliance

Even more valuable, cloud compliance solutions record and store vast amounts of customer voice data which contains invaluable insights for Quality Assurance (QA), Customer Experience (CX), and other Business Intelligence (BI).

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