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VOIP_Office_PhoneOne cannot ignore the fact that the world has become digitised and highly dependent on the internet. As a result VoIP (voice over IP) has become a very common way to communicate. It saves a fortune on call costs, and studies suggest that small and large companies can cut their international call costsby as much as 90% with the use of VoIP! When combined with a call recording system that can record, encrypt and store calls effectively, it becomes invaluable in terms of the insights that can be gained. Calls can be recalled, analysed or replayed to ensure that communication is effective, and that the customer experience is a pleasant and efficient one.

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In this age of immediate gratification without commitment, we are driven towards subscription services rather than spending on permanent solutions.  From streaming video services, to online overnight delivery shopping, the business world has certainly changed from the days when long term capital investments helped plan for the future growth of companies.  Today, everything is about change and flexibility.  The ability to adapt dynamically to customer needs is critical to today’s success factors in business.  Customers expect that their vendors can change on a dime and offer services that are as dynamic as their needs.  The business world has gone from a product centric environment to a services model.

The same holds true for communications in the business world.  The trend has been to migrate to a hosted Software as a Service Model, where companies no longer need to invest in large scale Enterprise PBX systems, but rather a subscription PBX where the company can scale up and or down as their requirements dictate.  The need for compliance recording is facing the same trend.  Compliance recording in the Enterprise protects the consumer as well as the companies they do business with.  Why, you ask?   To start with, any verbal transaction that takes place between a consumer and company should always be recorded as a safeguard in dispute resolution.  The recording positively identifies who said what to whom, thus eliminating any doubt of what was promised as well as whether the service/product was verbally purchased.  Legally, this transaction actually expands into a whole host of regulatory compliance standards such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, MIFID II, Truth in Lending, and many more legislations that require theses transaction recordings take place.  And, with GDPR standards, consumers have the right to ask for the recording in the event of the dispute.

As compliance recording begins to spread throughout the Enterprise, so does the need to reduce the vast cost of recording systems so that it becomes affordable for the Enterprise.  Just like the communications system, companies are looking to reduce costs and deploy dynamic recording systems without having to spend huge amounts of money.  That’s where cloud recording comes in.

Software as a Service is taking the business community by storm.  “Cloud Based” solutions offer a flexible and scalable service for a low monthly operational cost rather than a hardened capital investment where the Enterprise has to plan for the future.   CallCabinet has a SaaS model recording platform that offers the Enterprise flexibility and scalability without the burden of a capital investment.  Through CallCabinet Atmos, Enterprises can subscribe to a call recording service and get the same features that are found in large, on-premise expensive systems, at a fraction of the cost!  Features such as screen capture, PCI-DSS voice and screen redaction, compliance call recording and even Agent Evaluation can be subscribed to with the CallCabinet Atmos service.  To learn more about CallCabinet and Atmos, find us at

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CallCabinet to release the biggest upgrade ever to our industry-leading Atmos cloud-based call recording platform

Our users spoke, and we listened. To everything, from suggestions on how to streamline the interface, to wish lists of features and capabilities that would easily make Atmos the most powerful call recording solution on Earth.

We listened, and then we set to work.

Our vision for Atmos has always been as innovative as it was aspirational. By creating a cloud-based platform, CallCabinet began a revolution in call recording. Decentralized, secure, powerful and above all, easy-to-use, Atmos was a game-changer.

And now we’re changing it again.

We realized that in order to add the innovative features you wanted, we’d have to completely rebuild the platform’s architecture from the ground up. So we did. And while we were at it, we streamlined the interface, making it more compact and intuitive. And we did it without changing things around. So there’s no learning curve. No downtime. In fact, you’ll probably find it’s quicker to use than ever.

We also made it easier for our partners to manage licensing and modify the platform to align with their branding. The new upgrade allows our partners to let their customers test drive new features and make sure Atmos is the best choice for them (spoiler alert: It is).

And beneath it all, the new, modular architecture allows us to add amazing new features in the future. Features like video recording, chat recording, text to speech analytics (keyword spotting), and sentiment analysis that will parse the tone of your recorded calls automatically, alerting you only to the calls that need attention. All of these features are either in development, or scheduled for development, and will be coming to the platform in the future.

So let’s be clear about this. The new version of Atmos launching April 10 is not an “update.” That’s a term software companies use when they release a new version of their software with bug fixes and maybe a new feature or two.

This is an “upgrade.” When you log in to your Atmos platform, what you’ll be working on is a completely new platform. The only things that haven’t changed are its name, usability, and our commitment to providing an industry-leading cloud-based recording solution that is worthy of being called “the best.”

That will never change.