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CallCabinet supports VoIP, Mobile and TDM with compliant call recording solutions.

VoIP recording is the action of recording telephone calls off of computer networks. This type of recording supports the majority of modern PBX’s on the market today, VoIP recording covers a wide range of different protocols and communication methodologies. Although there are some standards (like SIP) when it come to recording computer network transmitted calls, most of the major PBX manufacturers have their own flavor of VoIP which makes the recording of VoIP relatively complicated.

Drawing on CallCabinet’s extensive knowledge and expertise with compliant call recording, we are able to bring you VoIP call recording with CallCabinet’s Atmos, Carbon and Foundation solutions.

All calls are 100% compliant and are individually secured and encrypted at source with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each individual call. All calls are stored securely in the cloud or on premise and can be made to be redundant across multiple servers and geographical locations.

Available on CallCabinet’s Atmos, Carbon and Foundation solutions that gives you the opportunity of sorting and searching your calls on different criteria making call retrieval simple and quick.

  • Call-Cabinet-Record

    using our award winning technology

  • Call-Cabinet-Encrypt

    compliant 256bit encryption

  • Call-Cabinet-Store

    using Microsoft Azure cloud storage

  • Call-Cabinet-Retrieve

    with our easy to use HTML5 interface

  • Call-Cabinet-Evaluate

    easily evaluate your agent in minutes


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