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As Microsoft Skype for Business (Skype4B) becomes a standard for PBX enhancement or replacement, many enhanced applications that we are used to may not be available. Applications such as contact centers and voice recording have to be added as separate solutions. There are many software components available from Microsoft partners that can enhance any Skype4B solution, including the all important, Voice Recording.

Why Voice Recording?

So why would you want Voice Recording?

Regulatory Compliance standards are becoming more widespread in the enterprise where logging communications is critical to meeting these standards. Voice Recording becomes an important part of these regulations. Depending upon the industry, calls need to be archived and accessible for a number of years. Security issues are driving more organizations to record calls. Dispute resolution has always been a factor in recording conversations. An example is a stock broker who implements the customer’s buy or sell request only to be accused later of not following the customer’s instructions. Besides the necessity to record, enterprises are focused on the customer experience. “It takes 10 positive customer experiences to make up for 1 negative experience” (quoted from Contact Center Magazine). Quality assurance ensures that the customer relationship is being handled correctly. Calls can be graded or scored and the scoring can be used to award those performing well and incentivize others to perform better. The recorded call can be used for training purposes and to provide feedback to the organization’s users and agents to create the best possible customer experience.

Call recording should be performed accurately and securely. The enterprise needs recording to resolve conflicts. It’s rare that recordings end up in court, however when they do, the enterprise needs to make sure it’s the original recording and cannot be tampered with. This should be a standard feature in good recording systems. The vast majority of the time, listening to the recording demonstrates that any customer complaint is without merit and the situation goes no further.

Server Based Solutions

The call recording function can be implemented in a server as an on-premise solution. In the Skype4B world, the call recoding software requires direct integration to the Skype4B system. In order to function correctly, the call recording system must be integrated using Microsoft certified plug-ins, that capture the media and call metadata. In an on-premise Skype4B scenario, this is easy provided by the call recording company that has their plug-ins certified by Microsoft. The problem is in Office365, where access to the Skype4B is not available. Microsoft does not permit access to their network therefore the call recording company must have a solution that will support the Microsoft cloud solution, CallCabinet’s Atmos does just that.

CallCabinet’s Atmos Skype for Business integrates both on-premise and Office365 Skype4B solutions so that all calls can be recorded, from any device, whether it’s an internal call, Skype4B contact center call, inbound or outbound calls, remote users or federated users. Through CallCabinet’s certified integration, the Skype4B deployment doesn’t become the obstacle in providing an effective recording solution.

Desktop Based Solution

Client side recording works well with Skype4B and Lync. Within Skype4B, Microsoft has a recording capability where certain calls can recorded from the desktop client. The problem is that It doesn’t record calls from any other devices such mobile phones and tablets. Further, calls are stored on the desktop and not secure. CallCabinet’s Atmos Skype for Business solution utlitzes a combination of desktop integration and virtual server based software that can connect to on-premise Skype4B or Office 365. This is the perfect solution for a help desk or call center where call recording is limited to the user/agents. By using the Skype4B desktop client, phone sets are not necessary.

The client installation is simple to perform and takes a few minutes. The end user can perform this function themselves. Atmos integrates with the Skype4B client, captures the encrypted audio, decrypts it, records it, and then encrypts again for transfer to centralized cloud storage. This allows all the users/agents to be managed through a single portal.

The Economics

Subscription based solutions are the best when looking into call recording. These types of solutions allow the enterprise to grow their recording on an as needed basis and limits the investment in costly server based solutions. Look for a subscription service that is priced by user, per month. With subscription recording, you can typically find solutions for less that $20 per user, per month.

Atmos Skype for Business is a desktop and cloud based solution that provides system redundancy and backup. If the server based solution is preferred, the monthly fee should be the same. However, there is typically a software installation charge for the servers. The server solution requires the physical server and IT staff labor to complete the installation.

In summary, remember that deploying Microsoft Skype4B doesn’t mean you have to give up enhanced capabilities that your business requires. Voice Recording is simple by deploying CallCabinet’s Atmos Skype for Business that allows your recording needs to grow as needed without killing your budget. Find out more by contacting CallCabinet.

About CallCabinet

CallCabinet provides unique products and business solutions to meet the needs of every customer in the Call Recording and Quality Management space. Whether you want to own your system or “pay as you grow”. CallCabinet has the products and business offerings for you!

CallCabinet becomes the only regulatory compliant call recording solution certified for Vodia’s multi-tenant PBX in the cloud.

Boca Raton, USA – May 18, 2016 – CallCabinet, long trusted for its multiple award-winning compliant call recording solution, Atmos, has teamed up with Vodia, the company that pioneered multi-tenant PBX, with a cloud-based solution for every firm that needs to record calls for training, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, or security.

Vodia’s Hosted PBX customers are already used to the cost savings, CRM and billing integration, and WebRTC features of their wholly owned technology, which is more secure than Asterisk according to Vodia. With CallCabinet’s integrated solution Atmos, Vodia customers benefit through unlimited, securely encrypted storage of recorded calls that meet regulatory compliance requirements. Atmos is a cloud-based call recording environment where every recorded call meets compliance and is individually encrypted at its source with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each call.

“Vodia was a clear choice,” said Ryan Kahan, CEO at CallCabinet. “They’ve led the way for multi-tenant solutions for more than a decade, allowing resellers to host thousands of companies inside a simple architecture. Combined with Atmos, Vodia customers now have a hosted recording solution that meets regulatory compliance and offers a “pay as your grow” business model.”

Regulatory compliance is growing within the business community and is now affecting a wide range of organizations from small business to global enterprises. Traditionally, regulatory compliance was limited to contact centers, where today compliance reaches all aspects of an organization including, finance, human resources, technical support and many other departments.

The combined solution offers Vodia resellers a unique business opportunity to sell CallCabinet’s Atmos platform and expand their offering to their customers. CallCabinet has an excellent reseller program that pays commissions to Atmos resellers. The partnership with Vodia opens up Vodia resellers to be included in the program.

“We knew we had to have CallCabinet as soon as we met them,” said Christian Stredicke, CEO of Vodia. “Recording calls in a compliant way is difficult enough by itself. Atmos now leads a breakthrough in ease of use, scalability, and security. You can manage recordings through a simple interface and search, sort, or locate any call within seconds. It gives Vodia customers complete peace of mind.”

In the coming weeks, CallCabinet and Vodia will announce its programs for both end customers and resellers. To find out more please contact CallCabinet or Vodia.

CallCabinet Corporation’s multiple award-winning Atmos product – a secure, multi-tenant, compliant cloud-based call recording solution – continues to scoop accolades.


Atmos for Skype for Business, a new version of Atmos designed to enable users of Microsoft Skype for Business to become more compliant, was recognised and commended by TMC in its recent Internet Telephony Skype for Business Pioneer awards.


CallCabinet CEO Ryan Kahan pointed out that despite the growing popularity of Skype for Business and its inclusion in Microsoft Office 365, there are some major obstacles to compliant call recording on both platforms.


“Now, with Atmos for Skype for Business, it is possible to record Skype for Business calls using our award-winning technology, securely encrypt and archive them in the Cloud, and then retrieve them quickly and easily from anywhere in the world,” he explained.


We are pleased that TMC also commented on the unique affordability of Atmos for Skype for Business. Starting at just $99, the solution comes with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing option without the need for a long-term commitment or a prohibitive capital investment in hardware.


TMC CEO Rich Tehrani offered “congratulations to CallCabinet for receiving a 2015 Internet Telephony Skype for Business Pioneer Award.” He added that “CallCabinet is enabling businesses of all sizes to leverage the Skype platform to create enhanced communications and collaboration experiences for their users. I look forward to seeing CallCabinet’s future endeavors.”


Atmos for Skype for Business supports all versions of Microsoft Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync.

CallCabinet Corporation launched an update to its cloud-based, multi-tenant, compliant call recording solution for Digium®’s Asterisk® open source communications framework at ITExpo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last week.


With thousands of businesses reliant on the flexibility of Asterisk for their telephony requirements, the latest update to CallCabinet’s multiple award-winning Atmos call recording solution ensures that Asterisk users can easily and cost-effectively meet the globally required standards of call recording compliance, security and management.


According to CallCabinet CEO Ryan Kahan, market adoption of Atmos has been exponential, with millions of calls recorded and stored in the cloud using the Atmos solution every month.


“This is a clear indication of the trust businesses have in the Atmos solution and our commitment to ensuring our technology remains at the cutting edge of market developments,” Kahan said.


“CallCabinet’s solutions have always been able to integrate with Asterisk systems because we recognize that Asterisk is fundamental to so many hosted and on premise telephony systems. Atmos 2.0 for Asterisk, introduces an innovative method of managing the complexities of a multi-tenant call recorder to ensure continuity, consistency and system agility. This enhancement allows us to deliver compliant call recording to businesses that already take full advantage of the ease of use and cost effectiveness of any Asterisk-based solution.”


Atmos 2.0 for Asterisk takes Asterisk recordings, encrypts and uploads them and all call-related data to the cloud where they are securely stored. Management of call recordings is easy and intuitive via the Atmos interface.


“With this upgrade, we have effectively removed the compliance, storage, access and management challenges of native Asterisk recordings, enabling businesses to add a necessary and powerful feature to their telephony system for a low monthly fee,” Kahan concludes.

Boca Raton, USA – March 16, 2016 – CallCabinet Atmos, which harnesses the power of the cloud to enable businesses to comply with the growing volume of data and consumer protection legislation, is a Internet Telephony magazine’s 2016 Product of the Year.

“It gives me great pleasure to recognize CallCabinet with a 2016 Product of the Year Award for its commitment to excellence and innovation,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “In the opinion of our distinguished judges, CallCabinet’s Atmos has proven to be among the best communications and technology solutions available on the market. I look forward to continued innovation from CallCabinet.”

Now in its 17th year, this award was established to recognize and honor companies that have demonstrated “innovation and excellence” in the development of VoIP and IP Communications products and services.

CallCabinet CEO Ryan Kahan said the award was a great honor for CallCabinet which added Atmos to its product suite just over a year ago. Atmos has been designed to enable businesses of all sizes to become fully compliant at a fraction of the cost of on premise call recorders.

“We are constantly updating and upgrading Atmos to include additional features and capabilities, thus ensuring it meets the demands of a constantly changing market. For example, we recently launched Atmos for Skype for Business, a new product to enable users of Microsoft Skype for Business to record, securely upload those calls to the cloud and manage the database of recorded calls from any device connected to the web,” he explained

Another recent innovation was Atmos 2.0 for Asterisk for users of Digium’s Asterisk open source communications framework. This product has already been recognised as ground-breaking by TMC and earned TMC’s Best of Show Award in Fort Lauderdale early this year.

With the release of Atmos for Mobile last year, CallCabinet also became the first voice recording development company to enable compliant recording of mobile telephone calls.

All CallCabinet Atmos variants support logging across multiple switches or branch offices with the ability to search, sort and locate calls within seconds. Customer call data is stored in the cloud across multiple servers and geographic locations.

Every recorded call is 100% compliant and is individually secured and encrypted at source with a rotating encryption methodology that is unique and specific to each call.

CallCabinet Corporation’s compliant call recording solution for Digium’s Asterisk was named “Best in Show” at the recent ITExpo East held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The prestigious Best of Show Awards are reserved for products or services that demonstrate raw creativity and technological innovation.

“The products and solutions nominated for the ITEXPO Best in Show Awards are a true reflection of the industry’s most innovative companies. It’s exciting to see what new technological developments the ITEXPO exhibitors have for us each year,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO and conference chairman. “We are pleased to honor CallCabinet for their efforts and creativity in developing advanced, powerful solutions for the business technology marketplace.”

Atmos 2.0 for Asterisk, a cloud-based, multi-tenant, compliant call recording solution, received the award for “Best Service Provider Solution”.

CallCabinet CEO Ryan Kahan explained that the latest update to the Atmos call recording solution ensures that Asterisk users can easily and cost-effectively meet the globally required standards of call recording compliance, security.

Atmos 2.0 takes Asterisk recordings, encrypts and uploads them together with all call-related data to the cloud where they are securely stored. Management of call recordings is easy and intuitive via the Atmos HTML interface.

“Atmos 2.0 for Asterisk delivers an integrated, scalable, multi-tenant call recording solution that provides peace of mind to the thousands of businesses that already take full advantage of the ease of use, flexibility and cost effectiveness of Asterisk-based telephony solutions,” Kahan added.

CallCabinet provides revolutionary recording solutions for all businesses no matter their size or call recording requirements. “CallCabinet is fully committed to ensuring that our technology remains at the cutting edge of market developments. This award acknowledges our efforts,” said Kahan.

Boca Raton, FL – October 2, 2015 CallCabinet, the experts in Cloud Recording has partnered with AudioCodes to enhance its cloud based platform, ATMOS to expand into the Skype for Business Markets. The partnership combines CallCabinet’s cloud infrastructure and Office 365 solutions with AudioCodes’ Microsoft-certified SmartTAP call recording technology to deliver an affordable, scalable recording solution for Microsoft Skype for Business. This alliance makes ATMOS the first hosted Lync and Skype for Business call recording platform to deliver a Microsoft qualified recording solution from a flat rate as low as $99 per month.

“ATMOS brings a unique, industry-leading approach to the encrypting, storing and retrieving of call records in a hosted environment” stated Ryan Kahan, CEO of CallCabinet. He goes on to say, “SmartTAP’s innate flexibility and our cloud-based, HTML5-driven solution means that Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business users can get all the features of a comprehensive call recording service at a fraction of the cost of a traditional premise-based system.” ATMOS is the first of its kind, utilizing SmartTAP technology as the recording infrastructure to the customer’s Lync or Skype for Business environment. SmartTAP’s flexibility provides software only, virtual platform to capture Lync and Skype for Business calls at the customer premise, with storage, analytics and retrieval from the cloud through the ATMOS service. The solution is designed to be a software only, pay as you go technology.

“By subscribing to CallCabinet’s ATMOS solution, the initial investment in compliance Lync recording infrastructure is eliminated,” stated Ron Romanchik, VP of Sales for AudioCodes Recording Technology Business Line. “Subscribers can keep up with the latest compliance recording technology without having to invest in costly hardware and software upgrades. For a monthly fee, ATMOS provides all of the infrastructure and safeguards all compliance recordings in an encrypted non-volatile environment.”

Entry level pricing allows for 1,000 hours of storage, this makes ATMOS highly affordable to SMB market and offers discounted pricing for Enterprise Customers. In addition to AudioCodes’ SmartTAP technology, ATMOS employs the Microsoft Azure Network, allowing CallCabinet to provide service to customers anywhere in the world within a 24-48-hour activation.

ATMOS Skype for Business is scheduled to launch by the end of the month and is available throughout North America. Details can be found on the CallCabinet website at

Atmos Wins Best of Show at ITEXPO Miami 2015

TMC selects CallCabinet as a top innovator on the ITEXPO Miami show floor.

NORWALK, CT. – February 2, 2015 – CallCabinet announced today that Atmos was selected as a winner of the Best of Show Award for Best Cloud Solution at ITEXPO, held January 27-30, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Winners of the prestigious Best of Show Award program are reserved for products or services that demonstrate raw creativity and technological innovation.

“The products and solutions nominated for the ITEXPO Best in Show Awards continue to be cutting-edge, and it’s truly exciting to see what new technological developments our exhibitors have for us each year,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC CEO and conference chairman. “We are pleased to honor CallCabinet for their efforts and creativity in developing advanced, powerful solutions for the business technology marketplace.”

ITEXPO delivers programming that focuses on the latest technologies, regulations, essential issues and trends within the communications industry, including wireless and mobility, unified communication and collaboration solutions, VoIP solutions, cloud computing, customer experience and interaction, and much more. For the latest ITEXPO news, updates and information, follow on Twitter at @ITEXPO.